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Apple TV Adds Bloomberg, ABC, Crackle and KORTV

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Apple TV adds Bloomberg, Crackle, ABC and KORTV

Apple TV’s lineup is rapidly expanding. This month, Apple TV adds Bloomberg, ABC, Crackle and KORTV.

Apple TV was once considered Steve Jobs’ hobby. The TV platform now offers dozens of built-in content channels. Users with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch can take advantage of hundreds of AirPlay enabled apps. Updates to Apple TV have become more frequent, as Apple is taking the device more seriously. The addition of Bloomberg, ABC, Crackle and KORTV comes less than a month after the debut of PBS and Yahoo Screen. Let’s take a look at what each of these new channels has to offer.


Bloomberg is a media, software and data corporation founded in 1981 by Michael Bloomberg. Their new Apple TV channels offers financial, political, technology and lifestyle news. The channel features both live and on demand content.

Live content is available with a new interface. Clicking on the “Live” menu option takes the user to the programming schedule. The user can only play what is currently on air, however, one is able to browse upcoming shows on the schedule. The live broadcast is available 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, it features paid programming (infomercials) late at night and early in the morning.

Bloomberg live TV schedule on Apple TV

Their live offering is useful and innovative, but if you really want 24 hour news, Sky News is probably a better option. The two news providers are somewhat complimentary. Bloomberg has a business and financial orientation. Sky offers international news from the perspective of the UK. If you are an avid investor, Bloomberg is definitely worth watching.

Users can also browse and play on demand content from the menu. Much of the live programming is archived as video on demand. This is useful if you want to watch Bloomberg content at odd hours of the night or early morning, when their live feed offers infomercials.

Overall, Bloomberg is a solid addition to the Apple TV lineup. Along with the Wall Street Journal and Sky News, Bloomberg is another great way to get up-to-the-minute news and information. Podcasts are another great resource for news. I watch the NBC Nightly News video podcast regularly.


Crackle is the poor man’s Hulu Plus. Founded as Grouper in the 2000s, the company was later acquired by Sony Pictures Entertainment and rebranded as Crackle. The new Apple TV channel features free HD movies and TV shows. While the selection leaves much to be desired, there’s always something to watch and their collection is constantly changing. You get what you pay for. Crackle is absolutely free and funded by advertising. (continue…)

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