Apple to Unveil 16” MacBook Pro with Improved Keyboard

Reliable rumors suggest Apple will replace the 15” MacBook Pro model with a new 16” design. The next MacBook Pro may also offer an improved keyboard.

By Chand Bellur

November 12, 2019 at 4:59 p.m. PDT

Next MacBook Pro Will Have 16” Screen

The Internet is full of Apple rumors, some more true than others. The latest rumor, however, seems to be reliable. Apple is expected to launch a new series of high end MacBook Pro models with 16” screens. Given the company’s proclivity to deliver diminutive devices, it’s likely that it won’t be much larger than the 15” model it replaces.

Existing 15” models will be phased out in preference for the bigger screen. There’s no details as to whether Apple will introduce new technology in the screen itself. Also, the fate of the 13” MacBook Pro is unknown. There’s not even speculation as to whether it will feature a bigger screen.

Apple Redesigns Keyboard for 16” MacBook Pro

The butterfly keyboard is one of the most controversial Apple designs ever. Users report it has a tendency to fail, however, statistically, the Apple Store has not seen many more keyboard issues than with older MacBook Pro models.

Whether this is a case of the Internet running amok, or a real, grave error, Apple has taken it seriously. Last year, the Cupertino company extended the warranty on all MacBook Pro models with butterfly keyboard mechanisms by three years. The third generation butterfly keyboard introduced a new membrane, designed to prevent foreign matter from corrupting the butterfly switch.

Rumors suggest that Apple has completely redesigned the keyboard in the next MacBook Pro. The new keyboard supposedly transcends the butterfly design, using an entirely different mechanism.

This new set of MacBook Pro rumors is exciting. Larger displays on the MacBook Pro make it more compelling for professional users. If Apple has finally found a solution to the troublesome butterfly-mechanism keyboard, the new MacBook Pro will be an even more popular gift this Christmas.

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