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Apple to Open Second Largest Store in Thailand

image credit: Apple

By Chand Bellur

July 30, 2020 at 4:08 p.m. PT

  • Apple Central World opens this Friday in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • The new store features Apple’s iconic circular design, similar to Apple Park and other retail outlets.
  • Visits to the new store are only available by appointment, to ensure safety by limiting crowd size.

Central World: A Testament to Apple Design

As with all Apple Stores, the new Bangkok location takes both its surroundings and population into account. Located in central Ratchaprasong, the new site integrates into the city’s largest shopping area, directly connected to public transportation.

Glass is a common material used across all Apple products. Both functional and aesthetic, glass adorns Apple creations from the tiny Apple Watch to the massive Apple Park campus.

Apple’s Central World holds true to the Cupertino company’s obsession with glass. Supported by a wooden tree-like structure, the entire building, encased in glass, is yet another example of Apple’s design expertise.

Socialization is key to the new store’s design. Inside and out, Apple Central World serves to connect people safely. Ample interior space allows people to attend Today at Apple sessions and other events, while maintaining distance. The large, tree-lined area surrounding the building provides spaces for people to gather.

Apple Central World Serves International Customers

Although Apple’s new store resides in Bangkok, Thailand, it serves people from throughout the world. With seventeen languages spoken between the 130 new employees, virtually anyone can receive help or purchase a new device.

Although the store caters to international customers, it also retains the cultural flavor of its native environment. Today at Apple sessions are slated to promote local Bangkok musicians, artists, and creative professionals.

Apple Central World Opens in Bangkok on Friday

Apple’s newest location opens tomorrow, Friday, July 31, 2020. Due to recent health concerns, all visits to the new store are by appointment only. Apple developed a website to reserve visits to the new Central World location. Each reservation is only good for one visitor. Expect to wait outside before entering the store to ensure customer safety.

Apple’s expansion into Asia is key to the company’s success. Although the company sells more devices through carriers and other retailers, the Apple Store creates a community presence. When people know help and resources are available from real people, it makes Apple devices more appealing.


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