Apple to Fix iPad Air Models with Blank Screen Issue

By Chand Bellur

March 9, 2020 at 6:27 p.m. PDT

  • Some iPad Air models manufactured between March and October of 2019 may suffer from permanently blank screens.
  • The flaw is due to a manufacturing issue that has been resolved and only affects some units.
  • Apple has been opaque about the defect’s root cause.

Some Screens on Third Generation iPad Air Models Permanently Go Blank

The third generation iPad Air features the A12 Bionic processor with Apple’s powerful Neural Engine. It’s a lot of power packed into a small space. The device boasts the thinnest and lightest form factor of any similarly sized iPad. At only one pound in weight and 6.1 mm “thin”, the device is both elegant and portable.

Not every Apple product is perfect. Although many of Apple’s manufacturing processes are automated, these aspects are still designed, managed and maintained by humans. The actual assembly of iPad devices is done by hand. Given that humans are far from perfect, even Apple can produce defective products.

The new iPad Air has a rather serious flaw that renders the device useless. Some devices, manufactured between March and October of 2019 will unexpectedly lose screen functionality. Users may see a few flashes before the screen permanently goes blank. Apple is aware of the problem and has taken accountability.

Third Generation iPad Air Repair Program

iPad Air owners affected by permanently blank screens are covered. Apple acknowledges the flaw, launching a comprehensive repair program for all affected devices.

Eligibility for free repairs depends on two requirements. First, your third generation iPad Air must be manufactured between March and October of 2019. Second, your device must have a broken screen. If your device has a working screen, Apple will not fix it. According to their service website, only a small percentage of units are affected.

For more information, such as how to get your iPad Air serviced, please visit Apple’s website. Everything you need to know is provided in step-by-step detail.

Possible Causes of Third Generation iPad Air Blank Screen Issue

Apple is tight-lipped about the nature of the iPad Air blank screen issue. The most likely cause is that some of their display assemblies or cables were defective. This would explain why only some devices were affected in this production run.

The fact that some units flicker or flash could indicate a faulty internal cable or capacitor in the display assembly. It’s possible that the backlight is defective and burns out.

There’s a lot of possible explanations for this, but so far, experts haven’t come to the bottom of this. Technical media sites that teardown Apple devices haven’t shed any light on this problem. We’ll likely never know the true cause. In the end, Apple has taken responsibility for the issue, ensuring that customers have working devices.

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