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Apple Responsible for 2.4 Million Jobs

Apple just released that the company created 2.4 million jobs in the US. This includes employees, contractors, suppliers and third-party developers.

Apple is now a core part of the world economy. Today, Apple announced that 2.4 million jobs were created in the US due to their products and services. Apple’s employment gains have benefitted all 50 states. They have quadrupled employment in the past eight years, expecting to contribute $350 billion to the economy by 2023.

Apple reports direct employment of 90,000 in the US. The press release offers little transparency as to the number of contractors in the US. The Cupertino-based company is notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to contractors. Instead, the press release offers anecdotes and a few indirect statistics.

Maccor, based in Tulsa, is featured in Apple’s press release. The company designs and manufactures battery testing hardware and software for Apple. Maccor’s fifteen year relationship with Apple has seen the company grow from 60 to 150 employees, with a new facility in San Jose.

Broadcom was also called out in Apple’s press release. Partnering with Apple, the two entities created a joint manufacturing facility in Fort Collins, Colorado. The plant produces high performance radio frequency modules for use in Apple devices.

Third-party software developers make up a huge portion of Apple’s job creation. The app economy has created 1.9 million jobs, most of which are attributable to the App Store.

Apple plans on adding a new campus in San Diego, expanding employment by 1200 jobs. An additional 2000 highly skilled tech workers will soon join their Seattle campus.

Economic conditions are favorable for Apple. Although the labor participation rate has only edged up slightly, a better job market has increased wages for some. With more disposable income, consumers are willing to purchase Apple products. With Apple responsible for so many jobs, they could be considered too big to fail.


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