Apple Puts The Banker on Hold

The “#metoo” movement continues to change the entertainment industry. In the wake of sexual misconduct allegations, Apple has delayed release of the upcoming film The Banker.

By Chand Bellur

November 23, 2019 at 7:04 p.m. PDT

Apple Holds Off on The Banker

The entertainment industry is changing. The days of the casting couch and sexual harassment may be coming to an end. Consequences of such behavior are severe. People lose their careers and projects are canned because of sexual misconduct.

As Apple enters the entertainment industry, they’re exposed to liability from prima donna entertainers. Most software engineers are not harassing women at work. This is a new frontier for Apple. Narcissism and star power make the entertainment industry rife with such anti-social behavior.

Apple’s situation with The Banker is different, and underscores the risk of film and television production. In this case, one of the subjects of the film is under scrutiny, not an actor.

Bernard Garrett Jr. is the son of the movie’s protagonist, Garret Sr., who lent money to African Americans who could otherwise not obtain loans. Garrett Jr., a producer on the film, stands accused of molestation. Members of the Garret family put forth a statement about the matter:

“…they partnered with our estranged half brother and erased us and our mother who co owned all the real estate and the banks. No regard for truth or family or sexual abuse victims being constantly abused. Every producer and star who played a part in this should be ashamed. Apple TV should be ashamed…”

The Banker Did Not Debut at AFI Fest

The American Film Institute’s annual AFI Fest features innovative movies from around the world. Due to controversies with The Banker Apple pulled the film from the festival.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will ever release The Banker. With serious allegations and a one-sided story, Apple may just have to eat the loss.

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