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Apple Opens New Store in Tokyo

Apple opened a new store in Tokyo today. The new retail outlet is the largest Apple Store in Japan.

Apple’s ever increasing global presence is strategically important. As iPhone sales begin to level, the Cupertino based company needs to find new markets and grow existing ones. A larger brick and mortar presence is critical to the Apple retail experience. Customers may go to an Apple Store with a simple question and walk out with thousands of dollars in purchases.

The new Tokyo branch is the seventh in Japan’s largest city. Located across from Tokyo Station, in the Marunouchi business district, it’s one of three new Apple stores opened this year in the Japanese metropolis. Apple is making big strides in Japan, seeking to expand retail operations with their popular products.

As with all Apple Stores, the new Tokyo branch boasts bold architectural features. Its unique façade features two-story tall aluminum cast windows resembling the iconic Apple iPhone. Bamboo trees adorn the windows providing thoughtful cultural accouterments to the building’s modern face. The heart of the new store, a tall atrium, serves to connect both levels of the structure.

The store’s launch kicks off with several Today at Apple sessions. The Tokyo Creative Guild is scheduled to provide a 12-part series commemorating the store’s opening. This program also enables Apple customers to interact with creative professionals offering technical support and advice.

Tokyo’s new Apple store is staffed with 130 members, over half of whom have transferred from other Apple Stores. This ensures smooth operation, as the new store is already staffed with experienced employees. Team members offer multilingual support, speaking a total of 15 different languages.

The new Tokyo store is just one part of a major push in Japan. Apple will also relocate the Fukuoka store to a bigger location, while doing a major remodel on the Omotesandō branch.


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