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Apple Opens New Store in Mexico City

Apple continues to expand retail operations around the world. This Friday, the Cupertino-based company opened a new location in Mexico City.

Apple Antara Open for Business

Apple’s latest retail location opens in the bustling Polanco district of Mexico City. Famous for shopping, museums and culture, the area is an ideal location for an Apple Store.

As with most Apple Stores, the facility embraces a simple, yet grand design. Customers enter the store through twenty-three foot tall glass doors.

The new store opened on Friday. Apple SVP of “Retail + People” said:

“We are thrilled to open our stunning new store in central Mexico City and now welcome even more customers to Apple across this bustling city. Our amazing team can’t wait to welcome everyone to Apple Antara for the first time on Friday.”

New Antara Apple Store Unique to Latin America

Although Apple is no stranger to Latin America, the new Apple Store takes on a grander design. With Mexico City’s favorable climate, the large pavilion’s sliding glass doors are open to the public from the adjacent plaza. Limestone walls support a thin metal roof, framing a large, luminous hall.

Outside the structure, Apple’s attention to detail is evident in landscape design. By placing trees both inside and outside the structure, the new Apple Store seems to blend and merge with its surroundings. Stone benches adorn the plaza, providing seating for visitors and potential customers.

New Store Staffed By Experienced Employees

As with most new Apple Stores, the new Antara location opens with a staff of highly experiencd employees. Half of the new store’s employees come from the Apple’s first Mexican store at Via Santa Fe. Many of the employees are bilingual, making it easier to serve customers from around the world.

New Apple Store Helps Sell More iPhones

While its obvious that a new Apple Store will help sell more iPhones, it is important to realize that sales of the iconic smartphone are in decline. Apple customers are holding on to their iPhones much longer.

Brick and mortar stores serve as an excellent sales driver. Passers by may impulsively buy an iPhone. Apple’s excellent customer support may persuade new Apple customers to join the fold. After all, if they have a problem with their iPhone, they can just go around the corner. People within proximity of the new location have an incentive to purchase Apple products.

With new services, such as Apple Arcade and the upcoming Apple TV+, the new Mexico City location will sell more subscriptions through device sales. It’s all part of Apple’s strategy to grow revenues and please investors.


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