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Apple Offers Free App Store Gifts for the Holidays

Services and apps are key to Apple’s post-iPhone strategy. Their newest App Store promotion offers free gifts to Apple customers for the holidays.

By Chand Bellur

December 23, 2019 at 5:39 p.m. PDT

Apple Adds Holiday Gifts to the App Store

As iPhone sales level off, Apple’s focus on services and apps is part of a strategy to increase revenues. Promotions are key to increasing service subscriptions and app sales. From free trials to free, virtual gifts, Apple hopes to hook customers on content.

This holiday season, Apple is offering free gifts in the App Store, from December 24 to 29. Anyone with an Apple device capable of accessing the App Store can partake of these free, virtual presents. Gifts will most likely include apps or free content.

The free gifts can be accessed by opening the App Store on your Apple device. Next, tap or click on the Today, Games and Apps tab. Each tab will have a new, free offering every day.

Replaces Previous “12 Days of Gifts” Promotion

Free apps and content for the holidays is nothing new. Apple is famous for giving every user a U2 album they didn’t ask for. The Cupertino company also ran a “12 Days of Gifts” promotion from 2008 until 2014. It too provided free apps and content, but for a longer time. The shorter duration of the new promotion may improve brand loyalty, at relatively low cost to Apple.

No Free Lunch

Apple’s generosity seems magnanimous, however, free product promotions are a sensible business practice. They build brand loyalty, showing the customer that they’re getting something more when they purchase an iPhone or other Apple device. Customers may also make an additional purchase while they’re in the App Store.

Regardless of the intent, it’s always nice to get something for “free”. One of the best things about Apple devices is that so many of the core apps and services are free. Although you pay for them when you buy an iPhone or other device, there aren’t too many surprise charges later on. Overall, you get what you pay for. Make sure to check out the free apps available from December 24 to 29 in the Today, Games and Apps section of the App Store.


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