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Apple Music Comes to Samsung Smart TVs

By Chand Bellur

May 6, 2020 at 5:44 p.m. PT

  • Samsung and Apple are notorious competitors, embroiled in several lawsuits, both past and present.
  • Putting legal disputes aside, Samsung smart TVs now offer the Apple Music app.
  • Both corporations benefit from Apple Music on Samsung smart TVs, making the endeavor worthwhile for the often conflicted parties.

Apple Music Supported on Samsung Smart TVs

It’s no secret that Apple and Samsung have been at war for over a decade. Shortly after the iPhone launched, Google’s Android operating system offered a creepily similar alternative. If that wasn’t bad enough, Samsung slavishly copied the iPhone and the iPad with a few models of their own.

Apple haters bristled at the accusation. After all, doesn’t Apple steal from other companies? But the heart of the matter is about innovation versus slavish copying. Apple does copy from others, and sometimes slavishly, when they can get away with it. Virtually every music subscription service, including Apple’s, is a slavish copy of Spotify. They can get away with it. Spotify doesn’t have the legal war chest necessary to take on Apple.

Samsung, however, made a huge mistake when they copied the iPhone and iPad. Apple had evidence that Samsung even had iPhone screenshots in their product requirements document. The legal battle went on for years, with a few appeals. Jurors eventually sided with Apple, awarding the Cupertino tech giant $539 million.

Samsung also sues Apple over intellectual property issues. The Korean tech powerhouse took Apple to court in several nations.

With all of the legal battles, one would assume both tech companies are arch-rivals. As with all corporations, both Apple and Samsung are only concerned with profitability. For years, Samsung manufactured components for the iPhone, including its powerful A-series processors. Just recently, Apple Music launched on Samsung smart TVs.

The partnership between Apple Music and Samsung smart TVs makes perfect sense. Samsung doesn’t have a music service. Instead, they offer an app that wraps around Spotify, making it easier for Samsung devices to use.

The cooperative move benefits both Samsung and Apple. Apple can sell more Apple Music subscriptions, as flat-screen TVs often connect to the best speakers in the house. Samsung smart TVs are also more attractive to Apple device owners. There’s also a fair amount of Android users who subscribe to Apple Music.

How to Set Up Apple Music on a Samsung Smart TV

Setting up Apple Music on a Samsung smart TV is an easy task, especially if you have an iPhone. First, open the Apps panel on your Samsung smart TV and then select Apple Music. Apple Music appears, asking if you’re a subscriber. If so, you can point your iPhone camera at the on-screen QR code to authenticate. Those without an iPhone must enter their Apple ID and password using the smart TVs remote.

Apple provides more instructions for using Samsung smart TVs with Apple Music. Users can deactivate Apple Music, both on the TV and remotely. This comes in handy if you set up Apple Music temporarily at a friend’s house. Apple also provides a list of compatible Samsung smart TVs. For more information, please check out Apple’s support page.


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