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Apple Issues Instructions on How to Clean the Apple Card

Apple’s new credit card is constructed of titanium. The tech company recently released instructions on how to clean the new card.

It’s very unusual to find detailed instructions for cleaning a credit card. The titanium Apple Card is designed to last “forever”, which means that it will need some maintenance.

While the card is constructed of titanium, the top layer is composed of a multi-layer coating. This gives the card its characteristic white finish. The account holder’s name and Apple logo are etched on the card. Hard surfaces and caustic chemicals can damage the coating, which could potentially damage etched information.

Apple advises customers to gently wipe the card with a soft, lint-free, lightly moistened microfiber cloth. For more contaminated cards, one can use a microfiber cloth lightly dampened with isopropyl alcohol.

Card holders should not use compressed air, ammonia, cleaning sprays, solvents or abrasive materials to clean the Apple Card. These cleaning materials can permanently damage the card.

Fabrics, such as leather and denim, can leave permanent stains on the Apple Card. This particular recommendation has garnered a massive backlash on social media. Most wallets are made out of leather. People often put their credit card in a denim pocket. Jeans are very popular. Potential consumers find this design flaw frustrating and myopic. Apple has a long history of valuing form over function.

Storage and carrying information provided by Apple provide even more complicated usage instructions. Card holders are advised to store the card in a pocket, wallet or soft bag. The card should also be placed in a wallet slot such that it doesn’t make contact with another card. Repeated rubbing against another credit card could scratch the Apple Card.

The Apple Card should not be placed near magnets. This could demagnetize the magnetic strip. Finally, the card should not be placed in a pocket with loose, hard objects, such as coins or keys.

Users can request a replacement card using the Wallet app. It’s unclear whether Apple will charge a fee for replacement, however, it seems to be free of charge. This may ameliorate concerns about the card being easily susceptible to damage.


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