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Apple Helps Suppliers Move to 100% Renewable Energy

As fear of climate change grows, corporations are starting to address environmental concerns. Apple, which already uses 100% renewable energy, is working to switch suppliers away from fossil fuels.

Apple Uses 100% Renewable Energy

As of last year, every Apple facility runs on renewal energy. It took a long time to achieve this goal, however, the move makes Apple products more attractive to environmentally conscious consumers.

Unfortunately, the majority of Apple’s carbon emissions come from their supply chain. A corporation reliant on components for their devices, Apple is forced to do business with polluting companies. According to Lisa Jackson, Apple’s VP of environmental initiatives:

“If you look at our corporate carbon footprint, over 70% is in the supply chain… of course, those aren’t facilities that we own or operate. But we wanted them to have this access to the same high-quality clean energy that we did.”

Apple’s Clean Energy Investment in China

Apple’s strategy for global clean energy is more about cooperation than competition. Working with ten suppliers in China, the group has dedicated $300 million to build renewable power plants. Just this week, three new wind farms went online in China.

The strategy of working with suppliers comes out of necessity. Apple’s supply chain is dynamic and their suppliers often have little notice or time to deliver components. With this reality, a multi-entity fund, which can be quickly allocated to energy projects, is more effective than a one-corporation initiative.

Apple’s Past Environmental Strategy

Apple has been striving to clean up the environment for some time. To be fair, they’re still a large, global corporation, more concerned with profit than the environment. That said, their initiatives are proof that corporations can change behaviors and remain profitable.

Back in 2015, Apple launched their first global program to assist suppliers’ transition to renewables. Creating a web portal for suppliers, Apple made it easier for them to get information on renewable energy projects.

Although this may seem small, this campaign was supplemented with investment in renewable energy projects. Solar power plants in Nevada and rooftop solar panels in Singapore are just a small part of Apple’s growing environmental initiatives.


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