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Apple Giving Away Free AirPods to Students with Mac or iPad Purchase

image credit: Apple

By Chand Bellur

June 16, 2020 at 7:31 p.m. PT

  • Apple routinely offers student discounts and back to school sales.
  • This year, in addition to discounted prices on Apple products, the company will give students free AirPods with the purchase of select Macs and iPads
  • Apple also offers a 20% discount on Apple Care for the duration of this sales event.

Free AirPods with Mac or iPad Purchase

Apple has always forged strong relationships with educational institutions. The first computer I ever used in school was an Apple III. Thousands of educational institutions, from primary schools to universities, use Apple products. In addition to exclusive deals for students, ease of use attracts educational institutions to the Mac and iPad. After all, most students don’t have dedicated IT staff to support their devices.

Every year, Apple offers back-to-school deals. Although school has just ended for most students, Apple’s education-oriented sale has just begun. This year, Apple is offering steep educational discounts on the Mac and iPad, including free AirPods with select purchases. Students can also choose to upgrade to AirPods with a wireless charging case for $40 or AirPods Pro for $90. All back-to-school AirPods offers are essentially worth $159.

Devices eligible for free AirPods include:

  • MacBook Air – $899
  • 13″ MacBook Pro – $1199
  • 16″ MacBook Pro – $2199
  • iMac – $1049
  • iMac Pro – $4599
  • iPad Pro – $749
  • iPad Air – $479

You must purchase a qualifying MacBook or iPad from a specific retailer to get both the student discount and free AirPods. For example, a retailer such as B&H Photo offers a low price on Macs for all customers. They don’t mention the student discount or free AirPods. Your best bet is to buy the device directly from Apple, either online or at one of their retail outlets.

Apple’s Discount and Free AirPods Not Just for Students

Apple’s back-to-school discount is open to many customers, not just students. Teachers and students’ parents are also eligible for the savings and free AirPods.

Although this may seem generous, Apple’s typical pricing is way above marginal cost. Using economies of scale optimization techniques, Apple can manufacture high-quality devices for as much as a mid-grade PC. Their reputation for quality and value resonates with consumers. Many consumers are willing to pay a little more for an Apple device that comes with a full suite of software and support. Apple devices are typically easier to use and present fewer problems to the end-user.

Apple’s 2020 back-to-school sale is one of the best offerings in a long time. If you require a new Mac, now’s a great time to buy one. Apple recently launched new MacBooks, replacing the defective butterfly keyboard mechanism with a more robust scissor design. With low prices and free AirPods, there’s never been a better time to buy a Mac.

Beyond free AirPods and discounted Macs and iPads, Apple offers a 20% discount on Apple Care+. Numerous accessories for the Mac and iPad are also on sale. For more information, please visit Apple’s Back to School web page.


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