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Apple Fifth Avenue Reopens September 20

Apple’s iconic Fifth Avenue store reopens on September 20, 2019. The expansive new store is completely remodeled and redesigned.

Redesigned Fifth Avenue Apple Store is Large and Expansive

Double the size of the original Fifth Avenue Apple Store, the new space features natural light and more open space. An impressive spiral staircase wraps its way around a floating glass cylinder. The space is illuminated with skylights, providing natural, efficient lighting.

This is the definitive Apple Store. It’s the only one open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Breathtaking Landscaping Surrounds the Redesigned Apple Store

The newly renovated Apple Store looks even more impressive from the outside. Located in one of the most creative communities in the world, the massive, yet simple, luminous glass cube is a monolithic monument to elegant design.

Fountains and honey locust trees adorn the newly redesigned surroundings. An outdoor area offers ample seating for groups and individuals. Customers enter the building either through a spiral staircase or a circular glass elevator. It’s a completely reimagined and unique experience.

Multilingual Staff Ready to Assist

The new Fifth Avenue Apple Store will reopen with twice the staff as its predecessor. The 900 Apple employees can communicate in more than 30 languages.

Fifth Avenue Store Reopens with iPhone 11 Launch

The renovated Apple Store’s grand reopening coincides with the iPhone 11 launch. Apple customers will be able to pick up one of the new iPhones, in addition to the new Series 5 Apple Watch.

A forum area inside the store hosts Today at Apple programming, available every day. These free programs help Apple users learn from creative professionals. A special series of Today at Apple gatherings based on New York creative talent commences with the new store’s opening.

The newly remodeled Fifth Avenue Apple Store opens on September 20 at 8am. Expect large crowds and a huge line, as Apple fanatics eagerly purchase the new iPhone.


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