Apple Donates 10 Million N95 Masks to U.S. and European Healthcare Workers

By Chand Bellur

March 26, 2020 at 8:15 p.m. PDT

  • Apple recently donated 10 million N95 masks to U.S. and European healthcare workers.
  • The masks are in short supply and are essential for preventing infection among healthcare workers.
  • Apple employees are continuing to acquire more N95 masks.

Apple Donates 10 Million N95 Masks to Healthcare Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has yet to peak, is causing fear throughout the world. The panic has resulted in hoarding essential supplies, such as toilet paper, food staples and N95 respirator masks.

The masks, in particular, are more useful for healthcare workers than the public at large. Novel coronavirus is not transmitted through the air in most cases. Airborne transmission is only possible in healthcare settings, where crowds of patients are breathing and expectorating. Intubation, in particular, causes large amounts of the virus to remain airborne.

This hasn’t stopped the public from hoarding N95 masks. At first, few people wore these masks. Now, go to any supermarket or pharmacy, and you’ll see about 20% of the public wearing these masks, for no good reason.

Apple, responding to the shortage, used their supply chain mastery to acquire over 10 million N95 masks. All of the masks have been donated to European and American healthcare workers facing dire shortage of personal protective equipment.

Apple Donated the Most Masks, By Far

Some feel that Apple is one of the greediest corporations on the planet. After all, critics contend, one can get a smartphone for free, and Apple charges a premium for the iPhone. People who can’t see the value of an iPhone may also miss Apple’s remarkable altruism.

Apple donated 10 million N95 masks, and their supply chain experts are working to find more. Facebook didn’t even donate a million masks. SoftBank recently donated 1.4 million masks to New York state. Other notable mask donors include:

  • PG&E — 950,000 masks
  • SpaceX, Tesla (Elon Musk) – 250,000 masks
  • Flexport — 50,000 masks
  • IBM — 15,000 masks
  • Salesforce — 9,000 masks

Stop Hoarding N95 Masks!

There’s a finite supply of N95 masks, with a massive shortage due to the pandemic. When ordinary individuals wear these masks, they’re depriving healthcare workers of essential, protective equipment. This may end up harming the non-essential, mask-wearing individual, who may encounter healthcare systems devoid of medical practitioners, as they have fallen ill and can no longer work.

COVID-19 is spread through droplets. When an infected person coughs, expectorated droplets quickly fall onto surfaces. Unlike other viruses, COVID-19 does not float in the air for long durations.

As long as you distance yourself from others and wash your hands frequently, you won’t need an N95 mask. Don’t be a jerk and use or hoard these essential items. If you have a stockpile of N95 masks, please donate them to a healthcare system in need.

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