Apple Closes Stores in China Amid Coronavirus Fears

Although the latest coronavirus outbreak has a low mortality rate, it’s highly contagious. In an effort to stem the outbreak, Apple closed stores and offices in mainland China.

By Chand Bellur

February 1, 2020 at 12:53 p.m. PDT

Apple Closes Forty-Two Stores in Mainland China

Coronavirus spreads rapidly, however for most infected, it’s nothing more than a mild cough. Symptoms are less severe than the common cold. The disease, while potentially deadly, only seems to be a mortality risk for those over 40 with severe health issues. Nonetheless, the world is watching the outbreak with grave concern.

Responding to global fears over the latest coronavirus outbreak and advice from health experts, Apple closed all of its forty-two stores in mainland China. Additionally, all Apple offices are closed. Apple stores and offices will be closed through February 9, 2020.

Apple joins a growing list of multinational corporations that have temporarily shuttered stores, offices and manufacturing facilities due to coronavirus. Starbucks, McDonald’s, KFC and others closed down operations ahead of Apple’s response.

Are We Overreacting to Coronavirus?

New, potentially deadly diseases are scary. When the first American Ebola patients were repatriated, most of us watched with attention fit for a lunar landing. Coronavirus is demanding the same attention, as people have long forgotten Ebola hysteria.

There’s some possibility that the latest coronavirus could become a global pandemic. The virus is extremely contagious, infecting almost anyone who comes in contact with the microbes. Fortunately, the disease kills only 2% of officially infected people. The real number is far lower, as most infected people don’t seek medical attention. For most, it’s simply a mild cold.

Compare this new, unnamed coronavirus to SARS, which killed 10% of infected patients. SARS was truly deadly, however, it’s no longer a global threat. With careful, international cooperation, the measured response seemed to stem its pandemic spread.

Indeed, the common flu claims more lives in the United States and the world. Coronavirus is a concern, however, the media has grossly exaggerated the danger. Steps should be in place to stem spread of the disease, however, the outbreak is nothing to worry about.

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