Apple Broadens Everyone Can Code Sessions

Apple’s “Everyone Can Code” sessions help beginning programmers learn how to write code. The program has been expanded with more sessions, new curriculum and a teacher guide.

By Chand Bellur

November 25, 2019 at 7:07 p.m. PDT

“Everyone Can Code” Teaches Elementary and Middle School Students How to Write Code

Children tend to learn certain subjects faster than adults. For example, language acquisition is natural until about the age of 14. Similarly, students who get an early start with math and science also develop better problem solving skills.

Unfortunately, public education leaves many students in the lurch. Hobbled by antiquated curricula, the average public school system does little to prepare students for high tech occupations.

Apple needs intelligent people to create the technology of tomorrow. They also realize that educational programs featuring Apple products will increase device sales. “Everyone Can Code” sessions give young students an introduction to computer science concepts on Apple products.

Reaching out to students is familiar ground for Apple. Their computers have been a fixture in schools for years. I learned LOGO on an Apple III when I was in the third grade. “Everyone Can Code” is a similar concept, however, today’s devices are more affordable.

Apple Expands Number of “Everyone Can Code” Sessions for Computer Science Education Week

Computer Science Education Week runs from December 9 – 15, however, Apple will be celebrating the event staring December 1. The Cupertino tech company has expanded the number of “Everyone Can Code” sessions.

Students can participate in “Everyone Can Code” sessions at local Apple Stores. Simply register for sessions on Apple’s website. They even have sessions for preschool kids!

New Curriculum for “Everyone Can Code”

Formulating new curriculum is at the core of this “Everyone Can Code” reboot. Apple has completely redesigned the program, with new materials for teachers and students alike.

Building on the Swift Playgrounds app, Apple has introduced a new “Everyone Can Code Puzzles” guide. The guide provides puzzles and exercises students can perform within the Swift Playgrounds app.

Teachers also have “Everyone Can Code” resources at their disposal. A new teacher guide expands on curriculum, enabling better communication of a possibly unfamiliar subject.

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