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Apple Breaks Ground on Austin Campus

Apple is expanding throughout the world and the United States. Today, Apple broke ground on a new campus in Austin, Texas.

By Chand Bellur

November 20, 2019 at 7:57 p.m. PDT

Apple’s New Campus in Austin, Texas

Located in Texas’ capital city, Apple’s new campus will house up to 15,000 employees by 2022. The move allows Apple to attract intellectual talent, which is becoming scarce in the overcrowded San Francisco Bay Area. With the University of Texas and a progressive culture, Austin is attractive to young, intelligent individuals.

Breaking ground on the new facility shows how serious Apple is about doing business in Austin. They’re already building the new Mac Pro there, which is set to ship in December. The new campus will add to Apple’s already commanding presence in Austin.

Apple Campus Coexists with Nature

Whenever Apple builds a store, facility or campus, they take care to fit into the environment. Apple’s new Austin campus is no exception.

Partnering with Bartlett Tree Experts, an Austin-based company, Apple is preserving the arboreal landscape at the new site. The 133 acre campus will be home to 20 varieties of native trees.

Sixty percent of the new campus’ land is dedicated to green space. They’ve even dedicated 50 acres of land for a wildlife preserve, open to the public.

Designing an impressive campus helps attract better talent. It also helps reinforce the brand. In addition to talented employees, the new campus may actually attract tourists and Apple fanatics.

Apple Doubles Down on the United States

Although its brain and heart still live in the United States, Apple is a multinational corporation. Offshoring is big in technology, however, most of Apple’s international presence is in retail. Their manufacturing facilities in Asia are actually owned and operated by Foxconn and other corporations. For the most part, Apple is an American corporation, especially compared to their competitors.

The Mac Pro, manufactured in Austin, demonstrates Apple’s capability for domestic manufacturing. This isn’t about ethics or sentimentality. It’s actually cost effective to manufacture products in the United States, especially in the midst of a trade war.

Built from components made throughout the United States, the new Mac Pro really is American made. Cynics may assume that it’s just assembled here, with most parts from Asia. The Mac Pro actually contains hundreds of components made in the United States.

We live in a global society. We may even exist in a multiverse. Unfortunately, thinking global often means a race to the lowest common denominator of wages. Customers are starting to see the cynicism of American tech companies offshoring everything they can, while they sell most of their products to US customers. The PR benefit of Apple’s American manufacturing effort will likely offset any advantage of overseas manufacturing, especially in the midst of a trade war.

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