Apple Arcade Coming in Fall 2019

Apple’s new gaming subscription service is set to launch this fall. The service allows gamers to play for a flat monthly fee, without in-app purchases.

Apple Arcade, currently being beta tested by employees, will launch this fall. The service offers over a hundred new video games for one monthly subscription fee. Tech writer Guilherme Rambo discover that the service will cost $4.99 per month, based on data found in the App Store API.

The Apple Arcade offers a carefully curated selection of games. A few upcoming titles include Where Cards Fall, The Pathless and LEGO Brawls.

Most games are developed by major software companies, however a few independent developers contribute to Apple Arcade. Apple invites any developer with an amazing, unreleased game to submit it for consideration. This could prevent brilliant independent games from being buried in the App Store.

Advertisements are not allowed in Apple Arcade games. Similarly, in-app purchases are not permitted within the subscription service. Apple also pledges to protect user privacy.

Leveraging the ecosystem, Apple Arcade games can be played across multiple devices. One can start a game on an iPhone and resume the same game on Apple TV or another device. All Apple Arcade games can be played offline, making it more appealing for travelers or people with limited data expenditures. The upcoming service allows six family members to share the service.

Apple Arcade is part of the Cupertino company’s plan to expand services, as iPhone sales taper off. Along with Apple News+, Apple TV+ and their existing line of services, they expect to generate increased revenues, which should offset declining iPhone sales. Third quarter 2019 earnings realized $11.46 billion in revenues from services alone.

The specific launch date for Apple Arcade has not yet been released. Apple is expected to offer a limited pre-launch trial for a select few. The new gaming service will likely offer a limited free trial.

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