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Apple Announces December 2 Special Event

Apple has added yet another special event to this year’s calendar. The event seems to be an awards ceremony for apps and games.

By Chand Bellur

November 18, 2019 at 5:02 p.m. PDT

Apple Special Event Announced for December 2

Apple just announced a special event for December 2, 2019. The affair seems to be an awards ceremony for the best apps and games of 2019.

Apple Tweeted the following invitation:

Loved by millions. Created by the best. Join us for an Apple special event honoring our favorite apps and games for 2019.

The special event has yet to receive an actual press release from Apple. The Newsroom page on Apple’s website has no mention of the event.

Apple Expands on Honoring Apps

Apple has always called out exceptional apps at events such as its Worldwide Developers Conference. Additionally, the Cupertino company continually designates certain apps with the Editor’s Choice label.

Exceptional apps have won awards from Apple for years. Every year, Apple compiles an annual list of the best apps. Until now, this has just been a list of apps on the web and in the App Store. This year is the first time that the app awards will be a live event.

Apple’s App Awards Build Brand Awareness

The public relations value of an app awards ceremony is immeasurable, but definitely positive. It helps Apple fans rally around their favorite apps, building brand loyalty. Media outlets will cover the event, gaining more attention than a mere web page or mention in the App Store.

This comes at a time when Apple is facing declining iPhone sales. The awards ceremony is a small part of Apple’s larger strategy to grow revenues, as their flagship product is in decline. Along with services and finally creating a MacBook Pro with a functioning keyboard, Apple seems to be embracing their post-iPhone reality, and investors are taking note.

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