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AirPods Pro May Come in Different Colors

Apple’s new AirPods Pro are expected to be unveiled soon. Unlike their predecessors, the new wireless earbuds may be available in eight different colors.

By Chand Bellur

October 27, 2019 at 8:54 p.m. PDT

AirPods Pro May Come in Different Colors

Apple is expected to launch the next generation of wireless earbuds soon. AirPods Pro are rumored to offer noise cancellation, longer battery life and water resistance. The new AirPods may come in different colors, some of which corresponding to new iPhone 11 colors.

According to rumors, Apple’s new wireless earbuds will be available in midnight green, black, white and other colors. It’s expected that the other colors will match the iPhone 11.

AirPods Pro May be Water Resistant

In addition to multiple color options, the new AirPods Pro are expected to be water resistant. This is very attractive to active people who may expose their AirPods to water or sweat. You might not want to take these surfing, but they should withstand most exposures to moisture.

AirPods Pro Expected to Offer Noise Cancellation

Since the launch of AirPods, Apple has faced more competition from rivals such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Amazon, in particular, just launched new wireless earbuds that cost much less than AirPods and offer noise cancellation.

Rising to the challenge, it’s expected that Apple will incorporate noise cancellation technology into the new AirPods Pro. Beats, owned by Apple, has just launched new, larger headphones with both noise cancellation and an audio transparency feature. The latter feature allows users to hear outside noises clearly. This is important for cyclists and pedestrians, who need to hear outside noises to stay safe. It’s possible that this technology may be integrated into AirPods Pro, however, there’s no evidence or rumors to support this.

AirPods Pro Charging Case Leaked

With many links in the supply chain, it’s difficult for Apple to hold secrets. It’s also possible that they tolerate leaks for the sake of publicity. In either event, leaked photos of the AirPods Pro charging case are out there.

The new charging case is similar to the previous models. This makes sense, as AirPods Pro should be similarly sized to their predecessors. After all, they’re designed to fit into human ears.

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