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AirPods Pro Coming Soon?

New rumors suggest that Apple will unveil professional grade AirPods. The move would further expand Apple’s wearables strategy.

By Chand Bellur

October 18, 2019 at 11:15 a.m. PDT

AirPods Pro May Offer Noise Cancellation and Water Resistance

The constantly-circulating rumor mill is often fueled by facts. Solid evidence found in iOS betas seems to indicate that Apple will launch a professional version of their popular wireless earbuds.

The new AirPods are suspected to offer noise cancellation. This rumor stems from animations and screenshots found in the iOS 13.2 beta. These assets show users how to adjust noise cancellation on their AirPods. While it’s possible that Apple could add this functionality to existing AirPods, using the iPhone as a processor, it’s highly unlikely. Such a design would involve too much latency for quality audio. It’s probable that Apple will unveil professional grade AirPods.

Water and sweat resistance may also be featured with AirPods Pro. These aspects are critical to athletes and personal trainers. People who live in warm or damp climates may also prefer sweat and water resistance.

Apple’s new wireless earbuds may be constructed of metal. They may be priced as high as $260. These rumors are less substantiated.

Competitive Marketplace for Wireless Earbuds

Apple’s original AirPods were tremendously successful. In fact, it was almost impossible to buy a pair for several months after launch. The much sought after wireless earbuds were followed up by AirPods 2, another success.

Since the launch of Apple’s iconic AirPods, competitors have stepped up with their own offerings. Most notably, Amazon will launch their own wireless earbuds with noise cancellation technology for only $129. Microsoft and Google have similar wireless earbuds, however, Amazon’s price may concern Apple. Their wireless earbuds work with iOS devices. Although the integration may not be as slick as with AirPods, the price may be enough to sway consumers.

At the end of the day, consumers just want wireless earbuds. Details such as wireless processors and Siri integration may not be so important. As long as the wireless earbuds sound decent and can take calls with ease, most consumers will be satisfied. That said, if Apple can price AirPods Pro competitively, they can give Amazon and other competitors a run for their money. Consumers are often willing to spend a little more for the Apple brand.

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