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Adobe Fresco Coming to iPad in Late 2019

Adobe Fresco promises new, intuitive image creation software for the iPad and Apple Pencil. The new illustration app will be available in the App Store by late 2019.

The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil promised a whole new world of graphic design capabilities. For the most part, the user experience is fragmented across different apps. While there are some impressive professional graphic design apps, nothing encompasses the needs of most digital artists.

Fresco is Adobe’s attempt to unify graphic design with the iPad and Apple Pencil. The product aims at creating a natural painting and drawing experience. With thousands of brushes, Adobe Fresco offers the largest selection.

Adobe’s new software also includes Sensei technology, offering advanced control over painting techniques. For example, brush strokes can bleed into other brush strokes, making for a more realistic experience. Adding to this realism, brushes can simulate different materials, such as oil or water based paints.

Editing has also greatly improved with Fresco. Taking the tablet and stylus form factor into account, Fresco features refined tools for better usability. Creating masks from selections is easily accomplished with the capability to isolate parts of a selection. Right or left-handed users can customize the user interface, providing ideal ergonomics.

Fresco seems like Illustrator reimagined for the tablet and stylus. It’s not for editing photos, however, users can easily work between the two. As part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, Fresco and Photoshop play together nicely. Fresco users can access all of their files, brushes and other assets from the cloud.

The product is not just aimed at professionals. The easy-to-use interface will likely appeal to the casual artist. Adobe is actively marketing this product to the casual user, perhaps someone who used to draw or paint on canvas or paper.

Adobe has not yet disclosed a price for Fresco, however, it will be available as a subscription. They’re currently recruiting participants to try pre-release versions.

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