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2020 iPhone SE Available April 24

By Chand Bellur

April 17, 2020 at 5:51 p.m. PT

  • Apple recently released a refreshed 2020 iPhone SE.
  • Apple’s new budget smartphone features the same A13 Bionic processor as the iPhone 11.
  • The new phone starts at a remarkably low price of $399.

New iPhone SE Features A13 Bionic Processor

If you’re going to purchase a new iPhone, it’s often best to wait. The iPhone 11 is an impressive phone, but for many, it’s too much. The dual camera design is outstanding, but not necessary for most consumers.

Although the wide and ultra-wide cameras take amazing photos, not everyone is obsessed with photography. There are millions of mature consumers who don’t take pictures of themselves several times a day. The new iPhone SE is a perfect choice, offering the power of the iPhone 11, without the excessive camera technology.

Many of the iPhone’s impressive camera capabilities reside within the A13 Bionic chip. Apple’s high-end processor renders the bokeh effect and advanced, professional lighting techniques. Even with a single 12MP camera, the new iPhone SE offers many of the same advanced photography features as its more expensive cousin.

Beyond photography, Apple’s new, faster processor powers amazing games and applications. Apart from the smaller 4.7″ screen, lack of Face ID, and single camera, the iPhone SE is essentially an iPhone 11, at a much lower price. If you thought the iPhone 11 was surprisingly cheap, the iPhone SE makes it seem extravagant.

Low Price iPhone Delivered Just in Time

The novel coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak economic havoc throughout the world. In the United States, almost 20 million people lost their jobs in only four weeks, although the figure is likely much higher. Although there is some assistance to individuals, it’s not the time for most people to buy a $1000 smartphone.

Apple did not plan its budget iPhone to release during economic hard times. They have a rather rigid product roadmap, with few exceptions. Rumors of the iPhone SE refresh circulated for months, long before anyone knew about COVID-19.

It is a remarkable coincidence that Apple released a budget iPhone right when people need one. Even with tight finances, smartphones are a necessity these days. As more Americans forgo computers for smartphones, they have become the sole digital interface for many.

Even with the low price, it’s likely that Apple’s new iPhone won’t sell as well as other models. Waves of unemployment will likely ripple across the American economy in the coming months. Even people who have jobs now are putting off extravagant purchases.

Still, people need new smartphones, even during pandemics and their resulting economic crises. Devices get damaged, lost, or become hopelessly obsolete. Most people still have jobs and income, enabling more discretionary purchases. Apple probably won’t have stellar quarterly reports for some time, but the new iPhone SE couldn’t launch at a more opportune moment.

Apple is currently accepting preorders for the new iPhone SE. The device will launch on April 24, 2020.


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