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2019 Apple Watch Rumors

Apple’s fifth generation smartwatch may launch in September 2019. It is expected to offer sleep tracking, with the option of a ceramic body.

The upcoming Apple event will likely debut a new 5th generation Apple Watch. The device is expected to offer sleep tracking, similar to their biggest competitor, Fitbit.

Sleep tracking technology gathers data about REM cycles, heart rate, sleep time and other statistics. It works by sensing when you are motionless and in a resting position. Heart rate monitors on the device record data. Users can view sleep quality reports showing different sleep cycles and total sleep time. The data can be compared to normal sleep patterns, which may help diagnose sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea.

Fitbit already offers this technology, however, Apple’s feature will be similar, probably with some modest innovations. Apple’s decades of device design experience could possibly result in innovative use of sensors, placing it ahead of the competition. Apple sells almost four times as many smartwatches as Fitbit. A superior sleep tracking feature could sway potential Fitbit customers to the Apple Watch.

The upcoming 5th generation Apple Watch may offer a ceramic body option. Ceramics are much more durable than stainless steel or aluminum. They’re scratch resistant, and unlike ceramic pots or vessels, are virtually shatter proof. This is because the specific ceramics used have smaller pores than traditional materials. Watchmakers like Rolex, Chanel and Rado have used high quality ceramic materials for decades.

The connector ring on every Apple Watch uses the ceramic material zirconia. The third generation Apple Watch offered a ceramic body model for a whopping $1250. If Apple offers this option with the fifth generation model, it will likely be expensive.

Apple is expected to unveil the next Apple Watch along with the iPhone 11 at an upcoming event. The date is not yet confirmed, however, most rumors point to September 10, 2019. You can watch all Apple events using the TV app. They’re also available on Apple’s YouTube channel.


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