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16” MacBook Pro Features

Apple just launched a new line of 16” MacBook Pro notebook computers. Along with fixing the troublesome butterfly mechanism keyboard, the bigger, better screen may convince frustrated MacBook Pro owners to stick with Apple.

By Chand Bellur

November 14, 2019 at 2:56 p.m. PDT

New MacBook Pro Has 16” Screen

Catering to professional users, Apple’s new MacBook Pro boasts a bright and colorful 16” screen. The new screen can support 3072 x 1920 resolution, with 226 pixels per inch. If that’s not enough, the screen is capable of displaying millions of colors.

The new MacBook Pro’s screen produces 500 nits of brightness with a wide P3 color gamut. TrueTone technology ensures that colors appear accurately. With a refresh rate running up to 60 Hz, the screen offers solid image quality.

Apple Reverted to Scissor Mechanism for 16” MacBook Pro Keyboard

Introduced in 2015, Apple’s butterfly keyboard mechanism was an attempt to make an even thinner MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, Apple’s Captain Ahab-like obsession with thinness got the better of them. Corrupted by mere specs of dirt, the notorious keyboard has failed for many MacBook Pro users.

Although Apple has extended the warranty to four years for affected MacBook Pro models, the fix is inconvenient for most users. Repairing the issue means doing without a MacBook Pro for up to a week. Apple does not offer loaner devices. This is an unacceptable solution for professional users.

After three iterations of the butterfly mechanism, the last employing a debris-blocking membrane, Apple finally reverted back to the scissor mechanism. This is the most common keyboard design.

Perhaps it’s not always advantageous to think differently. It turns out that customers prefer a keyboard that works to an ultra thin notebook with broken keys.

Apple continues to stand by the claim that keyboard repairs for butterfly mechanism MacBook Pros are not exceptionally high. Nonetheless, they extended the warranty on affected models and redesigned the keyboard.

16” MacBook Pro Offers More Storage Space

As with all MacBook Pros, the newer models have slightly faster processors. Everything is a little better, as Apple is known for small, incremental changes.

The new 16” MacBook Pro offers something exceptional — the ability to store up to 8 TB of data. This is essential for photographers, graphic designers, artists and audio-visual professionals. While Apple will charge an exorbitant price for the upgrade, professional users can afford it.

Overall, the new 16” MacBook Pro lives up to its name. If you’re a professional computer user and you’re not forced to use Windows, it’s a logical choice.


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