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Some people really love CNN and can’t do without it. Fortunately, you can still get CNN on Apple TV, even if you don’t subscribe to cable or satellite. There are two live CNN streams on YouTube. They aren’t operated by CNN, and the video quality is slightly below standard definition.

Finding the live CNN streams on YouTube is easy. First, launch the YouTube app on Apple TV. Next, search for CNN. You’ll see at least one CNN live stream in the search results. Simply launch the stream, and you’re watching CNN on Apple TV, without a cable or satellite subscription!


If you’re a stickler for facts and detail, without the drama, spin or frivolity of major network news, PBS is an excellent option. The PBS app for Apple TV offers a few news programs, including the PBS NewsHour. This long-running news program offers in-depth, intellectually stimulating, impartial and objective news coverage. In addition to top stories, they cover news from around the globe, often missed by major networks. The PBS NewsHour offers in-depth analysis from top government officials, credible academics and other quality sources. It’s the most intelligent news program and an oasis in the desert of frivolous, biased and simplistic corporate network news.

The PBS app offers the PBS NewsHour on demand, usually a few hours after it airs on TV. You can find it using the Shows or Search screen. Add it to your favorites for quick access.

ABC News

The ABC News app for tvOS is one of the better news apps available on Apple TV. The app displays multiple, live streaming videos on its home screen. Unfortunately, unlike CBSN or CNN, ABC does not offer a 24/7 live news broadcast. They offer live streams of current events, such as speeches and press conferences. If ABC News is showing a scheduled news program, it is also available on the main screen. The main screen is impressive, with its display of multiple, live streaming videos. The actual content isn’t as compelling. For example, a live stream of the Old Faithful geyser isn’t breaking news, yet is one of the live streams on the ABC News app’s main screen.

ABC News Live Streams

ABC News’ on-demand offerings make up for the lack of compelling live content. Pressing the menu button displays a scrollable list of video playlists. The Top Stories playlist is an excellent way to stay informed, offering current news clips from Good Morning America, This Week and World News Tonight.

ABC News Playlists

The ABC News app is one of the few offering local news from select affiliates. Locations include Abilene, Albuquerque, Boston, Chicago, Colorado Springs, Columbia, El Paso, Fresno, Greenville/New Bern, Houston, Idaho Falls, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Raleigh, Redding/Chico/Red Bluff, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Syracuse. More local news affiliates are added periodically. We’ll take a look at other options for local news later in this article.

NBC News

The NBC News app offers a no-frills collection of on-demand news clips from Nightly News, TODAY and Meet the Press. Although tvOS offers new capabilities for user interfaces, the NBC News app follows the same channel format as on older Apple TV models. The home screen offers a grid of video icons organized by topic. The top menu provides access to content organized by show.

NBC News Main Screen

Compared to other news apps, NBC’s offering is weak. It doesn’t even offer a search feature. (continue…)

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