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“what time is it in [location]” – Siri displays the current time in the location (any city or nation around the world).

“what’s today’s date” – Siri displays the date formatted by day of the week, month, day number and year.

“stock quotes” – The current DOW, S&P and NASDAQ quotes are displayed.

“[company/symbol] stock” – Siri will display the current stock quote for the specified company. This doesn’t work with every company and symbol, as it is unable to fetch a DuPont quote using either the company name or symbol.

“who won [sporting event]” – Scores, teams (or players) and the date of the sporting event are displayed. Not every sporting event works. When asked “who won the Kentucky Derby”, Siri replies that it cannot help with that request.

“what’s the [league] schedule” – Siri shows a schedule for the specified sports league. You may be able to swipe up on the trackpad for a complete schedule. You can also refine search results by speaking another Siri request pertaining to the game schedule.

“who’s the [position] for the [sports team]” – The player’s name, jersey number and photo are displayed.

“who are the [sports team] playing on [day]” – Siri displays the matchup for the specified sports team. If they are not playing on that day, the next game is shown. The team logos and current standings are also presented.

“turn [on/off] reduce loud sounds” – The Reduce Loud Sounds feature will be turned on or off. This feature helps tame the volume of videos or music that have a wide dynamic range. It’s ideal for late nights when you don’t want to disturb others.

Siri Commands for Video Apps

Siri can handle more specific requests within video apps. These requests don’t work with every app, but are supported by major video apps like Netflix, Hulu and HBO NOW. More video apps will support Siri over time, so it may be worth trying these commands within other apps.

“play the episode of [tv show] with [actor]” – Siri will start playing the episode of a specified TV show with the named actor. You may be presented with options if there are multiple episodes fitting this criteria.

“play episode [number] of season [number] of [tv show]” – The specified TV episode will begin playing.

Siri Commands While Playing Videos

Siri’s responses and actions are contextual, based on which screen or app has the focus. The personal digital assistant can control playback, subtitles and other features while playing a video. You can also see information about a video, including actors and the release date.

“pause” – Video playback is paused. It’s easier to press the Play/Pause button on the remote. You can also say “stop”.

“play” – Starts or resumes playback of a video. Using the Play/Pause button is faster and easier. You can also say “resume” or “continue”.

“skip [back/forward] [number] [minutes/seconds]” – Skips video playback forward or backward based on the specified time. This is very useful for bypassing opening credits and reviewing a scene if you weren’t paying attention.

“what did [he/she] say?” – Skips back 15 seconds and turns on subtitles.

“start from the beginning” – The video will start playback from the beginning. (continue…)

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