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Siri Commands for Apple TV 4

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General Siri Commands for Apple TV 4

Siri offers several commands that work just about anywhere within tvOS. These general commands offer a convenient way to adjust settings, find content across multiple providers and look up information.

“show me something new” – A list of new TV shows and movies is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

“what should I watch tonight” – Siri will recommend a movie or TV show.

“show me new releases” – Newly released movies are displayed.

“show me new TV shows” – Siri provides a list of TV shows with new episodes.

“show me something funny” – Siri displays a list of comedic TV shows and movies.

“show me something scary” – A collection of horrifying TV shows and movies is displayed.

“show me something dramatic” – Siri provides a list of TV and movie dramas.

Tip: You can repeat the “show me something” command with almost any other genre — independent, romance, science fiction, etc. Not all genres will work. I tried “show me something in music” to no avail.

“find [TV show/movie]” – One or more TV shows or movies is displayed. This is a great way to find content in iTunes, HBO NOW, HBO GO, Netflix and Hulu. Expect more content partners to be added in the future.

“find movies with [actor]” – Siri displays a collection of movies featuring the actor. You can also do this with TV shows. Unfortunately, Siri could not find the episodes of Seinfeld with Bryan Cranston!

“find episodes of [tv show] with [actor]” – A list of TV shows featuring the actor is displayed. This was able to find episodes of Seinfeld featuring Bryan Cranston as Jerry’s dentist.

Tip: When searching for content, it’s also possible to refine your criteria. For example, if you have a list of movies, you can say “show me the ones from the 90s”, “only top rated” or “only the new ones”. You can also filter for specific genres, by saying something like “only dramas”.

“find the series premier of [TV show]” – Siri will find the first episode of the specified TV show

“find the series finale of [TV show]” – The final episode of the named TV show is displayed.

“find episode [number] of season [number] of [TV show]” – Siri will display the TV show matching the specified episode and season. Unfortunately, this does not work with the title of an episode.

“open [app name]” – Your desired app will be opened. Unfortunately, Siri cannot close apps. Don’t expect this to work with every app. Siri was unable to open Asphalt 8, which is one of the most popular apps in the App Store.

“light mode” – Turns on light mode, which is the default display mode for Apple TV. Light mode features a bright, off-white background suitable for daytime viewing.

“dark mode” – Invokes dark mode. This is a darker display mode which is appropriate for night-time and dark lighting environments.

“battery level” – Siri displays the current battery level of the Siri Remote, in percentage.

“what’s the weather like” – Siri will display current weather conditions. Swipe up on the touchpad for more details and an hourly forecast. You can also ask for weather in any location by adding “in [location]” at the end of the request. If you add “this week” to the request, Siri will display the extended forecast. Swipe up for more information.

“what time is [sunrise/sunset]” – The sunrise or sunset time and current weather are shown. Slide up on the touchpad to view hourly weather details, including sunrise and sunset times.

“what time is it” – The current time is displayed, along with a time-appropriate salutation. (continue…)

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