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Automator will start with a project type selection window. If not, choose File > New from the top menu. Then select “Calendar Event” and click the “Choose” button. Click the Record button. The first time you record events with Automator, it will ask you to enable OS X Accessibility features. Follow the Automator’s instructions to open the Accessibility window and check the “Enable access for assistive devices” check box. Next, close the accessibility window and click the Record button on Automator.

recording for the first time with Automator

A small window will appear, indicating that the Automator is recording your actions. Click on the iTunes Downloads window’s top bar to get it in focus. Next, click on the “Resume All” button. Click the stop button on the “Automator: Recording” window.

record iTunes download with Automator

The Automator window will appear, showing you all of the recorded steps:

steps to automate iTunes download
If you clicked on the “Downloads” label, your first step may be different from what is shown. It will still work. Clicking on the label also brings the window into focus.

From the Automator top menu, go to File > Save and give the workflow a name. I usually use “Download iTunes”. This name will show up on the Calendar as an event. When you have finished saving the file, the Calendar app will launch. The event you just created is set for today’s date. Change the event date and time by double-clicking the event and clicking “edit” on the pop-up window. Set the desired date and time for the scheduled iTunes download.

edit Calendar event to schedule iTunes download

Setting It Up

You need to perform a few simple tasks to prepare a scheduled iTunes download. First, go to System Preferences > Energy Saver and press the “Schedule…” button. Check the “Start up or wake” check box and select the time for your Mac to wake. You want it to wake at least 1 minute before your Calendar event will fire, to ensure that you are connected to the Internet. Once you have set the wake day and time, click OK and close the Energy Saver window. (continue…)

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  1. Hi
    It appears the instructions apply to an older version on iTunes that has the separate downloads window.
    I have tried everything and all works well except for the “click” on the “Resume Downloads” in iTunes within the iTunes window. When hitting run all goes well until that click and then the error OSSTATUSERROR-50.
    The mouse runs around exactly as recorded until that click.
    I set up the calendar event as per instructions and the mouse runs around and then stops at that last click.
    I am using the latest iTunes on the latest iMac desktop with the latest OSX.
    Any advice welcome.

    1. It seems like a defect. That’s not surprising. The entire tech industry has really gone downhill, in terms of quality, due to a dearth of engineering talent and delusional goals. Beyond this, I’m seeing a lot of bugs with fundamental functionality, such as cut/copy/paste. The defect is most likely with iTunes, as it has just become horrible.

      Yeah, Silicon Valley, let’s hype machine learning and AI, while the basics get neglected. After all, I need Siri to tell me to have a cup of coffee in the morning. Very important! I was going to drink a beer, but then Siri figured out that coffee is my morning drink. Where would I be without you, Siri?

      If I didn’t have the experience of buying a new Windows PC for my Mom, I would believe these problems are unique to Apple. No. You can do worse. Much worse. Windows 10 is ridiculously buggy and takes away user control more than any operating system I have seen.

      I’ll take a look at this when I get the chance. I am in the process of moving, so my new Mac is in Southern California right now. My old Mac is in the Bay Area. It can only run El Capitan.

      Thanks for the heads up!

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