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How to Replace iPhone Battery

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The following steps are an overview of the battery replacement process. The exact steps will vary based on the battery replacement kit purchased. The instructions provided here are for informational purposes only. Follow the instructions or online videos that are provided by the kit you purchase.

It takes about 20 minutes to replace an iPhone battery. This task is moderately difficult. If you are concerned about damaging your iPhone, take it to a qualified technician for service.

Before starting this process, it is a good idea to backup your iPhone, just in case something goes wrong. Ensure that your device is not connected to any charger or power source. Next, shut down your iPhone by holding the sleep/wake button and sliding the power off switch on the screen. Using the pentalobe screwdriver, remove the two screws next to the lighting connector at the bottom. Next, use a suction cup and provided tool to pry the iPhone’s case open. Be careful not to damage the home button connector cable. With the case open, carefully pry off the bracket and then the home button connector cable. Next, remove the cable bracket at the top of the phone. Remove the cable connectors and the display panel. Using the spudger, remove the battery connector cable. Using a pointed tool, pull out the adhesive strips that hold the battery in place. Finally, remove the battery and replace it with the new one.

Reassembling the device is done in the reverse order of disassembly. The iPhone battery is taped into place and the cables and brackets are reconnected and secured. Then the iPhone’s screen is replaced and the device is secured with screws. The battery should be charged fully before use.

External Battery Packs

It’s not easy to replace an iPhone battery, but it is possible. This isn’t something you want to do every day. The internal battery makes the iPhone more slim, solid and robust. With normal use, it should last 10 hours a day, which is sufficient for most users.

Some may find that 10 hours of use between charges is not enough. There are other options such as external batteries and even cases with built-in batteries. The external options connect to the lightning or dock connector and charge the battery anywhere. These external batteries can be recharged and reused. Simply attach the external battery as needed.

The iPhone is limited to a few models, making it easier to design specific accessories. External batteries designed for the iPhone are often form-fitting and slim. If a compact design is important, there are slim cases that offer built-in batteries. These can often double the capacity and lifespan of your iPhone. If you are off the grid, there are solar and hand-crack options for charging your device. With a little planning and the right accessories, your iPhone will never run out of juice when you really need it.

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