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Coping Without an iPhone

Depending on where your iPhone is being serviced, you may be without your device for hours or even several days. The iPhone is essential for so many people. We use them at work, play and for just about everything. It is possible to access Apple services such as Mail, Contacts, Calendar and other iCloud-based apps. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use Messages via iCloud. You can access Messages on any other iOS device that uses your Apple ID.

Accessing your iCloud apps without an iPhone is easy. Simply navigate to using any modern web browser on a computer (Mac, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS). Sign in with your Apple ID and you will be able to access all of your iCloud apps. I find this website to be extremely useful, even when I have my iPhone. In fact, I am writing this article using Pages on the iCloud website.

Forward your iPhone’s incoming calls to a different number before sending your device out for service. Tap on Settings > Phone to turn on call forwarding. If your iPhone uses CDMA (Verizon), you will need to follow these instructions provided by Verizon. []. Remember to turn off call forwarding when you get your iPhone back.

Replace Battery in an Older iPhone

If you have a device that’s older than an iPhone 6, Apple will not replace the battery for $29. You can have them replace it for $79 or find a cheaper, third-party alternative. iFixit is offering a do-it-yourself battery replacement kit for only $29. [] This is not an easy repair to make, however. You need a fair amount of manual dexterity and know-how to do this. iFixit provides instructions. I consider myself to be fairly handy, but I wouldn’t do this myself.

Given that the iPhone 5s (or earlier) is a very old device, I recommend just buying a new device. I wouldn’t invest any money or time in fixing an old iPhone. If you’re not looking to buy the new iPhone X, there are many affordable iPhones out there. You could even buy a used iPhone 6 and have the battery replaced for $29. That said, if you are set on keeping your old iPhone, you can replace the battery yourself for only $29.

Get Your iPhone’s Battery Replaced by December 2018

Regardless of your iPhone’s age or battery life, I recommend having the battery replaced for $29, if your device is eligible. In fact, I would even advise iPhone X owners to replace their battery before the program expires. This will enable you to keep your iPhone for even longer.

Some tech sites are encouraging users to run, not walk, to get their battery replaced. This is ill-advised. Apple is experiencing a shortage of batteries right now. Also, if your iPhone is not experiencing battery-related throttling, it’s best to wait until the end of 2018. You’ll be able to keep your iPhone for much longer if you postpone battery replacement. Just make a calendar appointment so you don’t forget.

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