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Apple admitted to throttling iPhones with failing batteries and have offered a reasonable solution. This article covers how to replace your iPhone battery for $29.

Unless you’ve been sequestered for the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard about the latest Apple scandal. This year, it was a little late, because the Apple-hating media couldn’t find anything wrong with the iPhone X. Instead, they turned engineering excellence into a ridiculous conspiracy theory.

Slowing down the iPhone: Excellent Exception Handling

As any smartphone battery ages, the chemical composition of the lithium-ion cell starts to decay. This causes the device to deliver less current, often in intermittent episodes. When the battery starts to fail, there are two options — shut down or slow down the device. Given that Apple is focused on the end user, they likely did some market research. Guess what? Most people would rather have their iPhone slow down than shut down. I have seen this confirmed in a few social media polls. My own informal survey has found the same thing.

Unfortunately, the Internet, being what it is, had to turn this into a conspiracy. After all, click bait is highly profitable. The general consensus amongst paid technology writers is that Apple was wrong to slow down iPhones with failing batteries. Some argue that Apple should have informed customers. Others felt that Cupertino should have added this as a setting, so users could opt out. Most of the people making these claims couldn’t even get a job as a temp at Apple.

This is as absurd as saying that macOS or Windows should let you opt out of cooling the CPU with a fan. If you like fiddling with myriad settings, don’t get an iPhone. Every engineer I know says that Apple handles failing batteries with excellence. Apple’s competitors don’t do this, and they’re trying to make it seem like a smartphone that randomly shuts down is ideal. If you want a smartphone that randomly shuts down, look elsewhere. I’ve been using iPhones for 8 years and I have never had one just shut down unexpectedly. That’s one reason why I continue to choose the iPhone.

Apple Offering $29 Battery Replacement Through December 2018

Although Apple didn’t do anything wrong, the have addressed the outrage with a very generous offer. They will replace the battery in any iPhone 6 (or later) for only $29. This offer runs through December 2018, so there’s plenty of time to take advantage of it.

Unfortunately, nothing seems to placate the ravenous tech media. Hungry for clicks, they have manufactured yet another Apple-gate, and nothing Apple does will satisfy them. A few of Apple’s competitors have experienced major battery issues while this new Apple-gate unfolds, but they’re being completely ignored.

Is a Failing Battery Slowing down Your iPhone?

Your iPhone’s battery does not need to be failing in order to qualify for the $29 battery replacement. Apple will replace any iPhone 6 (or later) battery for $29, regardless of condition. You could even replace the battery in a brand new iPhone X for $29. I highly recommend replacing the battery, regardless of condition. It will extend the life of your iPhone. next page →


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