iOS 8: How to Install Widgets

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How to Arrange Widgets on iOS 8

If you don’t like the order of Notification Center widgets, you can easily change it. First, swipe down from the top of the screen to display Notification Center. Make sure you are in the Today view. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap the Edit button. Next, use the “handles” (three horizontal lines) next to each widget to position them. Widgets at the top will appear in Notification Center first. When you are finished, tap the Done button on the top right of the screen.

Users cannot change the order of the Today and Tomorrow summary widgets. These are integral parts of Notification Center, and cannot be moved, but they can be deleted. These rules seem a bit arbitrary, and this is exactly what Apple critics don’t like. Hopefully, future versions of iOS 8 will allow these default widgets to be moved.

How to Remove a Widget From iOS 8

Removing a widget is a simple process. Swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal Notification Center. Make sure you are on the Today view. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap the Edit button. Next, tap the red circle to the left of the widget you would like to remove, then tap the Remove button on the right. The widget will be moved to the Do Not Include list. Tap Done when you have finished removing widgets.

If you wish to remove the widget from the Do Not Include list, you must delete the app associated with the widget. First, locate the app’s icon on the home screen. Next, hold your finger down on the icon until all of the icons start to wiggle. Tap on the “x” on the top left of the icon and confirm deleting the app. The app and the widget are now removed from your system. Tap the home button to exit the home screen edit mode.

Popular Widgets

There are already quite a few popular widgets in the App Store. Unfortunately, they aren’t easy to find. Before Apple implemented Notification Center widgets, third-party companies created apps containing widgets. There are still many of these apps around, so it muddles search results when trying to find widgets.

Searching the web is the best way to find iOS 8 widgets. Some of the most popular widgets are Vidgets, Evernote and NOAA Radar Pro. There are already hundreds of widgets available to iOS 8, and soon there will be thousands. I am hoping that the App Store will offer a better way to shop for widgets. For now, your best bet is to search on the web.

Widgets Aren’t Wonderful

I am not thrilled about widgets, both on my Mac and on my iOS devices. I simply don’t find them useful. They enable quick access to an app from anywhere in iOS, but it is already easy to launch apps. Even on older devices, apps launch and can be used instantly. You can quickly switch between apps using the App Switcher (double tap the home button or swipe four fingers up on the iPad). (continue…)

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