How To Extend iPhone Battery Lifespan

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Turn iPhone off When Charging

We’ve established that heat can permanently damage a lithium-ion battery. Given this reality, it makes sense to turn off your iPhone when charging. This generates less heat because the CPU and other components are offline. Even if your iPhone isn’t being used, maintaining a cellular connection uses energy, which generates heat. An idle iPhone will also use some power in Airplane mode.

Charging an active iPhone takes longer, as the battery is simultaneously discharging and recharging. An iPhone won’t work without a battery, even if it is plugged in. When it’s plugged in, it doesn’t use the supplied current to operate, but only to charge the battery. Even with an idle iPhone, it’s more stress on the battery. You can tell the difference simply by touching your iPhone.

Remove iPhone from Case When Charging

iPhone cases help protect the device from damage. They also insulate the device. Cases are made out of different materials, however, silicone and neoprene are commonly used. Most metal iPhone cases are coated with neoprene on the inside. Neoprene is the same material used in wet suits. It is an insulator. Make sure to remove your iPhone from its case when charging. This will keep the battery cool and prolong its lifespan.

Place iPhone on Metal Surface When Charging

It’s a well-known fact that metal dissipates heat. This is why Apple abandoned the “glass sandwich” iPhone design. All newer iPhones are made of aluminum, which is an excellent material for heat dissipation. If possible, place your iPhone on a metal table while charging or doing any long, unattended activity, such as updating apps or upgrading iOS. Make sure that the metal back of your iPhone comes in contact with the surface of the table. If you don’t have a metal table, you can place your iPhone on a sheet of aluminum foil. Avoid placing your iPhone on plush surfaces, like cloth or leather.

This recommendation is a bit excessive, but I mention it more for people who live in hot climates. I place my iPhone on my bed while charging, which doesn’t dissipate heat. I live in a cooler climate and turn my iPhone off when charging. I do place my iPhone and iPad on a metal table when I upgrade apps or iOS.

Don’t Use an iPhone Case

As previously mentioned, most iPhone cases act as insulators. They trap in heat. Cases also prevent the aluminum housing of the iPhone from dissipating heat. A case will increase the internal temperature of your iPhone and also make you unaware of this condition. If possible, don’t use a case for your iPhone.

If you are clumsy, feel free to disregard this recommendation. You will do far more damage to your iPhone by dropping it without a case. Unprotected shocks will damage the battery and other iPhone components. You can also take it out of the case if you are in a more protected environment. (continue…)

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