How To Extend iPhone Battery Lifespan

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How to Extend iPhone Battery Lifespan

The iPhone battery can support hundreds of charge cycles in its lifespan. This article provides tips that can extend iPhone battery lifespan.

An iPhone’s battery can go through 300-500 full charge cycles before it degrades. After this point, the battery still functions, but can only hold about 80% of its original capacity. Over time, the battery continues to lose its ability to recharge and must be replaced. This is as inevitable as human aging. Much like aging, with proper care, you can extend your iPhone battery’s lifespan and enjoy years of optimal battery performance.

I own an iPhone 4 that’s almost 5 years old. I still use it every day to play Spotify music. Even though this phone is an ancient relic, I managed to preserve the battery capacity by following some simple practices. The tips in this article are based on personal experience, Apple’s product information and research from Electropaedia and Battery University. Let’s take a look at how to extend iPhone battery lifespan.

Heat Damages the iPhone Battery

Lithium-ion batteries lose their ability to hold a charge when exposed to heat. Too much heat can cause a runaway thermal reaction, which damages components in the battery. There are different stages to a runaway thermal reaction. Each stage causes more damage to the battery.

A runaway thermal reaction is an extreme case of heat causing damage. The damage starts to occur when the battery is at 158º F. Even though this is the temperature inside the battery, such a high temperature would make the iPhone untouchable.

It is unlikely that you will experience a runaway thermal reaction if your iPhone is charged properly. However, if you leave your iPhone charging in a hot car, such a reaction is possible. It could even result in an explosion or fire. Never leave your iPhone in a hot car.

Lithium-ion batteries can slowly degrade from exposure to lower temperatures. Consistent exposure to warm climatic temperatures stresses the battery and diminishes life. According to Battery University, if your battery gets over 86º F, it will stress the materials and diminish its lifespan. This means that even if your iPhone is turned off, if you live in a warm climate, this may reduce the lifespan of your battery.

Aside from moving, there are a few ways to extend the lifespan of your iPhone’s battery in a warm climate. Avoid taking your iPhone outside on warm days. This may not be possible, however, you may want to turn the device off when it’s not being used. This will minimize the temperature increase inside the lithium-ion battery. Don’t charge your iPhone in a warm environment. Wait until you get indoors, in an air-conditioned room.

Optimal, an upcoming thermal protection case, is designed to keep your iPhone at the ideal temperature. This new case has not yet been released, but it promises to deliver advanced thermal protection for the iPhone. The case uses two micro-fans and a thermal conductive plate to keep the iPhone cool. The Optimal case also features heating coils to keep your iPhone warm on cold days.

Cold Damages the iPhone Battery

Lithium ion batteries also degrade when they are consistently exposed to cold temperatures. When the battery operates below 50º F, reactions are slowed, resulting in poor performance. This makes it more difficult for lithium ions to be inserted into the intercalation layers. Electrodes are prevented from handling the current flow, resulting in lithium plating. Lithium plating of electrodes permanently damages the battery’s capacity.

Fortunately, it’s easy to keep an iPhone warm. Simply put the device in a pocket near your body. The heat from your body will keep your iPhone warm. Avoid taking your iPhone out of your pocket until you reach a warmer environment. If your iPhone has been exposed to cold temperatures, wait for it to come up to room temperature before turning it on, in order to prevent condensation. For more information on using an iPhone in cold climates, check out “iPhone Tips for Cold Weather”. (continue…)

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  1. My I phone battery Heath says it needs service I have the phone on contract for a 18 month warranty up in 24 months but from I’ve installed iOS 14 my battery drain quickly any advice

  2. First of all I enjoy your articles very much as I find them very informative. I have a iPhone 6s which seems to work well but I’m a little concerned about the battery. Apple replaced my old battery about 14 months ago during their £29 “promotion” which unfortunately now has a health check reading of 89%. I’m going to implement some of your suggestions which I hope will help slow down the battery’s decline. I’m concerned about reducing the heat factor as one way to help prolong the battery’s life by possible purchasing a ventilated mesh phone case. Although I have checked on the internet for opinions or reviews on this subject, I had no luck in finding much on the pros and cons of ventilated phone cases. Since I value your opinion, I hoping that you can please shed some light on this type of phone case. Regards, Keith

  3. Dear Appledystopia,
    My iPhone 6 plus battery is draining faster than before after upgrading to iOS 12. Please do help me to fix the thing. Thanks.

    1. Many thanks and appreciation goes to the apple company for providing such a brilliant strategy in preventing the long life of an apple phone. As much as I have read this; from now on I will begin to try these methods to keep my iPhone for long lasting. Thanks! My question here’s is : is it good to always put your iPhone on battery saver?

      1. Thank you for your comment.

        If your goal is to extend battery life, battery saver is the way to go. Apple tends to put low-capacity batteries in the iPhone, but iOS is more efficient than Android. I have an Android phone too, and it’s excellent, but the high-capacity battery lasts about as long as an iPhone with half the capacity. This is without any battery-saving settings.

        Battery saver shuts off all unnecessary settings that operate without most users’ awareness, such as background content refresh or constantly checking your email. With this setting turned on, iOS refreshes your email or app content only when you use the app, so there’s some delay. But it preserves battery life, enabling you to keep your iPhone longer without battery replacement. It also changes the screen lockout to 30 seconds, lowers screen brightness, and disables some visual effects that use more energy.

        There’s another way to go. I opted for the iPhone Upgrade Program. I pay $60 a month and get a new, top-of-the-line iPhone every year with AppleCare+. I no longer worry about the battery. Keep in mind, I need an iPhone for work and to write articles for this website. It has to be the newest one because they always have exclusive features. My needs are different. They offer the Upgrade Plan for different models of iPhone, starting at about $35 a month. Each plan comes with AppleCare+ coverage. It’s an offer that’s hard to refuse. 0% financing (assuming you pay your credit card balance) and you get a new iPhone every year covered with AppleCare+.

        If you want to hold onto an iPhone for a long time, you can. This makes sense for people who don’t use an iPhone often or have a limited budget.

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