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How to Cancel Apple Music

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Apple Music’s audio dropouts are unforgivable. It seems to happen when using AirPlay. It has nothing to do with Internet connectivity, as it happens with downloaded music. I also tested my Internet connection when it happened on every occasion. It was fast enough to stream HBO, and that’s what I did, because Apple Music was cutting out. Apple Music had so many audio dropouts one evening, I just gave up and watched TV instead. But the dead air happened far too often.

Even the free version of Spotify did not suffer from audio dropouts. AirPlay works flawlessly with Spotify. Perhaps Apple can hire some Spotify engineers to re-write Apple Music’s AirPlay implementation.

Beyond the dropouts, Apple Music would constantly re-load album cover art on my Apple TV. It’s a cosmetic defect, but it looks really amateur. My overall impression of Apple Music is that it seems like an app created by college computer science students. It has some UI glitter, like the For You screen, which is derivative of Microsoft’s live tiles. The fundamentals of the service are a failure. It’s difficult to find music and there are unforgivable audio dropouts when using AirPlay.

I think I actually got off easy. I never upgraded iTunes on my Mac to use Apple Music, because I was afraid it would destroy my library. Several Apple Music users have had their iTunes Libraries re-arranged by Apple Music.

I am aware that some people like Apple Music. Maybe they are not experiencing these issues. They could possibly be fanboys who like anything Apple creates. This sort of loyalty just enables Apple to make bad apps.

There are also those who are aware of these flaws, but use Apple Music because of the better integration with Siri and iOS. The ability to use Siri with Apple Music is not a selling point when the fundamental service has such glaring flaws.

I love Spotify’s web-based player. I have friends and relatives who have computers connected to their TV and stereo. They are not Apple fans. They don’t have an Apple TV. They don’t use iTunes. When I visit, we can easily listen to music using Spotify’s web player. I just go to, login, and my music is right there. I can access playlists, my history and everything else. With Apple Music, I would need to install iTunes on their computer and login with my account. Most people don’t want their guests to fiddle with computers and install software. Given Apple’s web-phobia (or incompetence with all things web-related), I don’t expect a web-based Apple Music player to be added to the iCloud website.

Spotify Web Player

Spotify isn’t perfect, but it’s much better than Apple Music. Spotify is focused on one thing — their streaming music service. I think the problem with Apple Music is that Apple is just not good at developing apps. They may apply the same engineering process used to create iOS and OS X to apps. It may work well for huge undertakings, like operating systems. It doesn’t work well for apps. There aren’t really any stock apps that are done well on iOS or OS X. They’re better than the stock apps installed on most Windows PCs, but that isn’t saying much. Apple makes great hardware and operating systems. Their stock apps are mediocre. Apple Music isn’t even mediocre. It’s embarrassing.

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