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Getting Started with Apple TV 4

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You also need to ensure that the Siri remote will function with your new Apple TV. Since the remote works over Bluetooth, it will operate your Apple TV even if it is not in the line of sight of the base unit. If the location of your Apple TV is good for WiFi reception, it will probably work with the Siri remote. If not, you can always use the Apple Remote app for iOS, which works over WiFi, however, the Siri remote is the best way to control your Apple TV.

It’s also a good idea to place your fourth generation Apple TV somewhere with adequate ventilation. If you are placing it in an entertainment center or other similar furniture, make sure that air can circulate freely and WiFi signal is unencumbered. Although the new Apple TV has an adequate heat sink and doesn’t seem to get warm, some ventilation will help ensure that the device stays cool. Don’t place your Apple TV base unit on any other electronic device that generates heat.

Attach an HDMI cable to your TV and affix the other end of the cable to your Apple TV. Next, plug the power cable into your Apple TV and attach the other end to an electrical outlet. Your Apple TV will turn on and start up. This may power on your television and select the correct HDMI input. If not, turn on your TV and select the correct HDMI input. You should eventually see a screen asking you to pair the remote, presented in a variety of languages. Let’s take a look at configuring your new Apple TV.

Apple TV 4: Initial Setup and Configuration

After connecting Apple TV, one must complete a setup process. The first setup screen prompts the user to pair the remote by clicking the trackpad. Simply press down on the matte area above the menu button until you hear and feel a light click. This will pair the Siri remote with Apple TV. Next, select a language from the list using the trackpad. Click the trackpad to finalize your language selection.

I prefer Apple products because they work together as part of an ecosystem. Apple TV 4’s setup process can use your iOS device to expedite initial configuration. Simply click “Set Up with Device” using the Siri remote. You need an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with at least iOS 9.1 installed to take advantage of this feature. This will work with any iOS device that supports iOS 9.1 (or later) with the exception of the iPad 2.

Unlock your iOS device, turn on Bluetooth and place it near your Apple TV. You will see a message on your iOS device asking if you want to set up your Apple TV now. Tap “Continue” to proceed with the setup process. You will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password on your iOS device. If you have enabled two-step verification for your Apple ID, a screen with iOS device names will appear on your TV. Select the device you are currently using. A security code will appear on this device. Enter the security code using the Siri remote. Scroll left or right using the trackpad to highlight each digit. Click the trackpad to select each number. Your iOS device will display a message asking if you want to send data to Apple. I recommend not sending data to Apple, as it will consume network bandwidth. (continue…)

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