Get Two Weeks of Hulu for Free

How to Get Two Weeks of Hulu Plus for Free

Hulu is an essential steaming service for cord cutters. This article covers how to get two free weeks of Hulu.

Hulu Plus no longer exists. The subscription service has been re-branded simply as Hulu. They still offer a paid subscription service, however it is just called Hulu.

Hulu is different from most steaming services. Unlike Netflix or HBO NOW, Hulu offers recent episodes of popular network TV shows. They also feature a decent selection of movies. The Criterion Collection is a must-see for fans of classic art films. Hulu specializes in recent TV shows, which sets them apart from other streaming services.

Criterion Collection on Hulu

Having cancelled cable years ago, I find Hulu to be indispensable for keeping up with shows such as The Family Guy, The Simpsons and The Daily Show. Let’s take a look at how to get at least two weeks of Hulu for free.

Refer Friends to Hulu for Free Weeks of Membership

Hulu offers an innovative referral program, which benefits just about everyone involved. Both you and your friend get two weeks of Hulu for free. Hulu benefits by gaining another paid subscriber. Simply go to your Hulu account page to send out referral invitations via email, Facebook or Twitter. You can also provide your friend with a special referral link. Once your friend has signed up, both of you will get two free weeks.

You can refer as many friends as you want, but the free weeks are limited to one year, on a rolling schedule. If you refer 26 people, you will get a free year of Hulu. If you time it just right (and have a lot of friends, at least on social media) you may never need to pay for Hulu. You only get credit if the referred customer has not signed up for a previous Hulu free trial. Recycling the same referral friends will not work.

Put Hulu on Hold for Two Free Weeks of Membership

I signed up for HBO NOW the day it became available. I found myself watching it every evening. I haven’t watched Netflix or Hulu in a long time. I put Hulu on hold, because I just wasn’t watching it.

Hulu allows subscribers to put their membership on hold for up to 12 weeks. This is great if you go on vacation or are just too busy to watch. You may want to put it on hold during the summer, when popular network shows are on hiatus. That said, Hulu does offer new programming, even during the summer. You can put your Hulu membership on hold using their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch app. You can also suspend your membership from your account page on the Hulu website.

After about 6 weeks, Hulu sent me an email offering me two weeks free if I re-activate my membership. That’s a good deal. I went for it.

Put Hulu subscription on hold to get two free weeks

Cancel Hulu for Two Free Weeks of Membership

If you are really desperate for a few free weeks of Hulu, you can resort to rather drastic measures. If you cancel Hulu, they usually offer two free weeks to dissuade you. I personally think this is a little sneaky. It is probably something you can only do once. Maybe they will let you do it once a year. In either event, I have read that it works. I haven’t tried it myself, but if you are desperate for a little more Hulu, it’s worth a shot. You can cancel your membership from the account page or the Hulu app for iOS.

Getting a few weeks of free Hulu access is easy. The best way is to refer a friend. However, if you have tapped out all of your friends there are still a few options. Whatever you decide to do, a few more weeks of Hulu is definitely worth a little effort.


  1. I honestly love Hulu too and would be lost without it. It’s great If you want something more like regular TV, with the newest episodes coming out each week I would definitely recommend Hulu, and I may even try the ad-free version. Also, you can get a week free if you sign up here:

    That’s what I did and if you don’t like it you can cancel before the two weeks are up and wont owe anything, but its really cheap anyways at only $7.99 a month.

    Netflix is great too; however, it’s great for older seasons of shows and all kinds of interesting movies. It’s great cause you can just sit for hours on a lazy day and watch a whole season if you want to. You can sign up here for a month free, $7.99 a month, and cancel at any time as well:

    I personally have both and love them a lot. I don’t have cable, which is four times more expensive than both of these. Plus nothing is ever on TV, but with Hulu and Netflix you can always find something.

    If your getting rid of cable, I would get both, or at least start with Hulu because it’s the most similar to regular TV.

    Great article!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for the advice and praise of the article. I like both Hulu and Netlfix. I agree, Hulu is great for watching current TV shows, without spending a fortune on iTunes. They don’t have everything, but they do have a lot. My favorite service, by far, is HBO NOW. I spend most of my time watching HBO NOW. I think they offer the best original content as well as the best movies. They don’t have tens of thousands of shows and movies, but what they offer is all top shelf. It’s almost twice as much as Hulu or Netflix, but you get what you pay for.

      Hulu also has a commercial-free subscription service, as well as a bundle that comes with Showtime. Both are great values, but I don’t mind ads and commercials. I find that the commercial breaks on Hulu tend to be much shorter than on cable or broadcast TV.

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