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How to Free up Space on Your iPhone

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As previously mentioned, be aware that some apps store their own documents. When you delete these apps, you could also delete any documents or projects created in the app. These apps could be productivity apps such as a word processor or spreadsheet, or maybe a music or video creation app. If you use iWorks, all of these documents are stored in iCloud. It’s more of a concern with third-party (non-Apple) apps. Some third-party camera apps store photos within the app, and not in the Camera Roll. If in doubt, don’t delete the app.

If you want to clear the cache data of a frequently used app, you can delete it and re-install it. This will only temporarily free up space. As you use the app, cache data will accumulate again.

There are three ways to delete apps. You can delete apps by editing the home screen, using iTunes, or from the Usage page in iPhone settings.

To delete apps from the home screen, simply hold your finger down on an app icon until they start to wiggle. Next, tap the “x” in the corner of every app you would like to delete, then confirm deletion. When you’re finished, tap the home button to exit the home screen edit mode.

delete apps from iPhone home screen

Deleting apps from iTunes is probably the fastest and most convenient method, especially if your device is set up for iTunes WiFi sync. If not, connect your device to your computer before starting iTunes. Once iTunes is running, it will discover your device. Click on the Devices button on the top right and then select your device.

Click devices then click iPhone

You will see a summary page for your device. Click on the Apps tab at the top.

click on the apps tab

You will see a list of apps on the left and your home screens on the right. The easiest way to delete apps is to tap Remove on each app in the left panel. You can also double-click on a home screen and click the “x” on each app. Remember that these changes will not be applied until you click Apply at the bottom right or click Done at the top right and confirm the changes. You can also revert changes by clicking Revert or Don’t Apply (after clicking Done).

delete apps with iTunes

You can also delete apps directly on your iPhone by tapping Settings > General > Usage and then tap on an app you would like to delete. Next, tap on Delete App and confirm. (continue…)

delete apps from iPhone usage screen

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