How to Fix a Wet iPhone

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iCracked can fix a wet iPhone

Keep in mind, they can only fix about 70% of moisture-exposed devices. Their service is not cheap. It costs $80 – $120 to service the device, depending on the model. There’s no guarantee your device will work and it will never really be the same. iCracked does as much as possible to restore a wet iPhone. Given the more expensive alternative of buying a new device, it’s probably worth it.

An Ounce of Prevention

You can prevent your iPhone or other device from being exposed to liquids. There are a variety of liquid-proof cases on the market — OtterBox being one of the most popular. OtterBox offers cases that protect against drops, shocks, dust, crushing force, and scratches. At around $50, it’s a good investment for a new iPhone. For a less expensive solution, putting your iPhone in a plastic bag may prevent some water damage. It probably won’t help if your device is submerged, but it will protect against spills and rainfall.

If you don’t want the bulk or hassle of using a case, extended warranties may be a better option. They’re actually quite affordable and cover everything. If you damage your device, these services will replace it quickly. For example, SquareTrade will reimburse device replacement from the Apple Store, as well as provide overnight shipping for a replacement device. If you damage your iPhone, you’ll get a new one the next day. These plans aren’t very expensive. They cost about twice as much as a case and offer up to 4 incidents per year. Keep in mind, you have to pay about $50 per incident. It ends up being at least three times more expensive than buying a case. Read “AppleCare+ vs. SquareTrade” for more information on the leading protection plans.

Buying a new device from Apple or your carrier is another alternative. It’s expensive, but you don’t have to pay the $800 or so that a brand-new, unlocked iPhone costs. For example, it costs $229 to buy a replacement iPhone 5. This isn’t the best option, but if your device is completely ruined by water, it’s the only choice. Buying a replacement device isn’t that much more expensive than an extended warranty, however, if you repeatedly damage your device, an extended warranty will pay off.

Overall, buying a quality case is probably the best option. It will protect your device from every peril, except theft or loss. Extended warranty plans such as SquareTrade and AppleCare don’t cover theft or loss either. Since the iPhone is so small, a well-designed case won’t add too much bulk to your device. Just about everyone will drop their iPhone at some point. Make sure that the case is water proof, in addition to offering protection from drops, shocks, and scratches. If you take preventative measures, you’ll never have to worry about a wet iPhone.

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  1. Currently Iphone 5 or less don’t cost as much as the ‘unguaranteed’ repair cost of an over watered phone.

    So, he is what I did to get my family member’s phone drown in the rain. When they found the phone in the yard, they pressed the Home button and nothing happened. They thought it would need to be replaced, I was called and told them to not plugin the charger. I disassembled the Iphone 4s to the same level as you’d do to replace the battery. Remember to this work at an Anti-Static work location and have your Anti-static waist strap on. With the battery disconnected, I found about a half teaspoon of water inside. Next,
    1.Pat dry as much surface water as possible with a paper towel.
    2.Blow out as much water as possible with an aerosol can of air.
    3.For about 1 minute apply low heat from a hair dryer to dry out whatever water is remaining.
    4.Repeat two more times for the next 30 minutes.
    5.Let the disassembled phone sit for an hour or two at room temperature.
    6.Re-attach the battery and reassemble the phone.
    7.We plugged in the charger and the phone battery Charge indicator came up to indicate charging.

    After an hour, the phone was fully charged and is still working after two weeks as normal.

    1. These are some good points, but I typically don’t recommend that users get too McGyver with their iPhone. It is very easy for the average, non-technical person to make things worse.

      The service I mentioned in the article goes above and beyond. They do ultrasonic cleaning. So if you spilled a can of coke on the iPhone, they can get it back to normal. It might cost more than an old iPhone, but if you spilled something on your brand new iPhone 6 plus, Apple’s warranty will not cover it. In that case, I would recommend taking it to a professional, unless it was just exposed to a little water.

      For a minor water spill, it’s not even necessary to take the phone apart. Using a drying agent can fix the phone.

      If one has nothing to lose, it may be worth taking the phone apart, but it is not something everyone can or is willing to do.

      Thanks for the comment. It will be helpful to someone out there.

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