How to Fix a Wet iPhone

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How to fix a wet iPhone

If your iPhone gets wet, don’t worry. It’s possible to fix a wet iPhone, but time is of the essence. This article also applies to a wet iPad, iPod touch, or virtually any other mobile device.

Don’t Turn On Your iPhone

If your iPhone is exposed to water, do not turn it on. Don’t try to turn it off, as you must wake the device to do so. Just leave it as is, in sleep mode, until you can decide what to do with it. Resist the urge to power it on to check if it still works. Doing so could damage the logic board, leaving your device permanently ruined.

The Next Course of Action

Your next steps depend on a how your iPhone was subjected to moisture. How much liquid was your iPhone exposed to? What kind of liquid was it exposed to? Is this a new iPhone or an older device that might be suitable for replacement?

If you splashed a little water on your iPhone, you can probably fix it yourself. If your iPhone was submerged, it is salvageable, but it’s unlikely it will ever be the same. This level of exposure to liquid will damage the buttons, speakers, and battery.

The kind of liquid your iPhone was exposed to is an important consideration. If you left your iPhone in your pocket and accidentally put it in the washing machine, repairing the device is unlikely. If your dog “lifted his leg” on the device, you might want to replace it, even if it can be fixed. Exposure to a flammable liquid, such as high-proof alcohol or gasoline could be dangerous. If this happens, it may be a good idea to isolate the device in a fire-proof container. Take it to a professional repair technician and let them know what happened.

Your course of action also depends on what kind of device you have. If you dropped your iPhone 3GS in the pool, it’s probably time to get a new device anyway. Don’t invest the time, expense and effort in fixing such an antiquated device. If money is an issue, you can get a free iPhone from most major carriers.

Let’s take a look at different ways one can fix a wet iPhone. Some of these are cost-effective, do-it-yourself methods. Users with newer devices may want to invest in a professional service. There are some great repair services that specialize in fixing wet iPhones.

Do it Yourself

If your iPhone was exposed to a modest amount of moisture, it may be possible to fix it yourself. I recommend the DIY method only if your device was exposed to a minimal amount of liquid and it’s not under warranty. In other words, if you have nothing to lose, try it. If you have a relatively new iPhone, take it to a professional.

Keep in mind, Apple’s warranty does not cover accidents, such as exposure to moisture. The iPhone has a component which detects moisture, so they will know what happened.

The DIY method involves using some form of desiccant to draw moisture out of the device. Rice is the cheapest and most available desiccant. You probably have some at home. (continue…)

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  1. I really like what you said about how to fix a wet iPhone and knowing when to take it to a professional. This would be really helpful for my sister who just dropped her phone in her pool. It would be really helpful if she could get a professional to help her fix it.

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