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Fix Stuck iPhone Software Update

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If you are installing an iOS update the same day it was released, data center issues are more likely. I strongly recommend waiting a few days to update after a new version of iOS is released. Even if their servers are working, the download will usually be slower when there is more demand. Server outages are more likely immediately after a new version of iOS is launched. It’s also a good idea to wait and see if there are any defects in the new version of iOS. Let the early adopters test it for you.

Does Your iPhone Have Enough Free Space?

It’s very easy to fill up your iPhone with apps, photos, videos and music. People often forget that there’s a finite amount of storage space. The iOS update process should inform you if there isn’t sufficient space to upgrade, however, a software bug could possibly suppress this notification.

Checking for free storage space is easy. Simply go to Settings and slide your finger down on the screen to display the search field. Type in “sto” and then click on “Storage & iCloud Usage”. A summary screen displays available space on your iPhone. If it’s less than 2GB, you should probably free up some space. Bounce some photos and videos to iCloud and then delete them from your phone. You can also delete apps that you never use. Tap on the “Manage Storage” button on the “Storage & iCloud Usage” screen to see a list of apps that are using storage space. The apps are sorted by how much space they take up. I just learned that Spotify is using up 6 GB of data, and I don’t even use it anymore. (I switched to Google Play Music.) You’ll probably be surprised how many unused apps are taking up storage space. Games are another storage space hog.

Use iTunes to Upgrade iOS

Using iTunes to upgrade iOS is almost the last resort. I dislike iTunes. I’m proud to say that I haven’t really used iTunes in a few years. That said, if your iPhone’s software update is stuck, plugging it into iTunes can often fix it.

First, you need to dig out that USB cable. You can use the same one that connects to your wall charger. Next, connect your iPhone to your Mac or Windows PC using the USB cable. Launch iTunes on your computer and it should detect your device. Click on your iPhone on the top left corner of the iTunes window. A summary window will appear. Click on the “Check for Update” button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Take Your iPhone to the Apple Store

As a last resort, you can always just take your iPhone in to the Apple Store. While this is time-consuming, the Apple Geniuses can get to the bottom of the problem. It’s probably best to call ahead and make an appointment at the Genius Bar. If you’ve exhausted all other possibilities, the Apple Geniuses will most likely be able to update your iPhone.

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