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transfer iPad purchases

Fortunately, transferring video from the iPad to iTunes can be done by selecting File -> “Transfer Purchases from [your] iPad” from the iTunes menu (top of screen), while your iPad is selected on the left panel. Make sure to do this before your iPad is close to maximum capacity. I needed to have 9GB free in order to do the transfer. Yes, 9GB!!! Even though your iPad may have a few gigabytes of space left, once your start this transfer, the iPad becomes full beyond capacity. The problem seems to be that even though I selected “Transfer Purchases FROM my iPad”, iTunes is still trying to copy data TO the iPad. Yes, the geniuses at Apple don’t know the difference between “to” and “from”. Maybe they missed that episode of Sesame Street?

iPad over capacity when transferring purchases
My iPad mysteriously ran over capacity when I tried to transfer FROM my iPad TO iTunes. It doesn’t make sense! You can never really use the full capacity of your iPad…

You may experience a hang when the transfer “from” your iPad, becomes a transfer “to” your iPad. If this happens, simply click the “x” in the transfer window. After that, the transfer “from” your iPad will start. Yes, I know, it is annoying!

cancel iTunes transfer
Why would transferring purchases FROM my iPad sync anything TO my iPad?!?

Unfortunately, sometimes the transfer hangs, and closing the transfer window also hangs. In this case, you can only stop the transfer by quitting iTunes, which also hangs! Ultimately, I waited about 10 minutes and forced it to quit. If this happens, make sure to reboot both your iPad and Mac, as sometimes the “conduit” doesn’t clean-up properly, especially when your force-quit an application. Apple seems to be years behind Palm in this respect. Even the older Palm Pilots could reliably sync over a wi-fi connection, several years ago!

I finally got it to work. Remember to turn off the hard disk sleep settings under Energy Saver!!! It is strongly advised to transfer your purchases from your iPad to iTunes regularly. Don’t wait, because the more you have to transfer, the more that can go wrong. I waited because I thought I could just drag and drop a few TV episodes from my iPad onto iTunes. This is not possible. It’s an all-or-nothing system. It is very poorly designed and a legacy of the iPod. With over a decade of the iPod and iTunes technology, synchronization remains problematic. It desperately needs a “re-write”.

This is par for the course with Apple’s declining product quality. I ended up having to make some space on my iPad before I could transfer the purchases from my iPad, which makes no sense. It unfortunate that even though I have a 64GB iPad, I have to leave almost 15% free to be able to transfer files FROM the iPad to iTunes. I will have to re-download the deleted content from iTunes “in the cloud” later, which is exactly what I was trying to avoid! Downloading from iTunes is so slow!

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