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Moving content from iPad to iTunes:

I like to download iTunes TV shows and movies onto my iPad. Since I own a Mac Pro, it is just not smart to have it running several hours a day to download from iTunes. This uses far more electricity than downloading on an iPad. Unfortunately, if you try dragging and dropping the content from your iPad onto your iTunes media library, it won’t work. Go figure, Apple, the “user experience” company, didn’t think this was the most intuitive way to handle such a transfer!

Copying and pasting a video from your iPad to your iTunes library will not work. When you right-click on an iPad video, copy is listed as an option. However, pasting the video into your iTunes library doesn’t do anything. Another epic fail for Apple usability, quality assurance, and development! Seriously, does anyone actually test this stuff? Either they don’t have enough quality assurance testers, or they are off playing foozball.

Syncing your iPad won’t work well either, at least if your intention is to move iPad video to iTunes. I synced my iPad, hoping to copy over my TV episodes. I want to delete them from my iPad, which is almost full. Unfortunately, the sync only copied about 10% of the video content to my iTunes library. The sync failed, claiming that “Macintosh HD is unavailable”. This is because “put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible” is checked under System Preferences -> Energy Saver. Make sure to uncheck this option. Even when I did this, syncing my iPad would not transfer video from my iPad to iTunes. iTunes really wants to download this again!

energy saver settings

Perhaps syncing will work if you choose “sync TV shows” on your iPad’s iTunes settings, however your purchases are supposed to sync over regardless of this setting. If you select “sync TV shows”, this will have the consequence of adding every TV show in iTunes onto your iPad, every time you sync. It is a bi-directional sync. If your goal was to have iTunes be an archive of downloaded video, freeing up space on your iPad, this will not work. A Mac or PC has hundreds of gigabytes of hard drive space (my Mac Pro has almost 3 terabytes). An iPad has, at most, 64GB of storage space (and you can’t use all of it). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that syncing everything in your iTunes library over to your iPad (and vice-versa) is not going to work out well. Your iPad can only accommodate a subset of your computer’s iTunes library.

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