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Fix iPad wi-fi docking:

If you can see your iPad on the left pane, but not its contents, chances are iTunes is downloading purchases. You can confirm this if you see downloading.

iTunes downloading

The download process tends to prevent the iPad from fully “docking” with iTunes over a wi-fi connection. While you can stop downloads, unfortunately at this point, your iPad is in limbo. You need to stop iTunes from downloading purchases automatically:

1. Start iTunes on your Mac or PC
2. From the top menu, select iTunes and then Preferences (or press the command and comma key).
3. On the preferences window, select “store” and then uncheck every option, then click “OK”.

Turn off iTunes automatic download

4. Quit iTunes
5. Restart iTunes
6. If prompted to login to iTunes, click cancel. Otherwise it will download your purchases from iTunes, instead of “docking” your iPad over wi-fi.

Keep in mind — iTunes really wants to download, regardless of changing the settings. However, when it does, it won’t fully dock your iPad. Every time you start iTunes, it will ask you to login. If you want to dock your iPad, don’t login. You can always initiate the download later by clicking on the “purchases” label on the left pane.

Your iPad should be detected and after a few minutes, it should show the content on the left pane in iTunes. You can now drag and drop content from iTunes or your desktop onto your iPad.

If your iPad does not show up at all, follow the steps outlined above. Then when you quit iTunes, restart your iPad, and then restart iTunes. It should show up. If not, try re-configuring wi-fi sync.

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