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Updating Album Art

If you would like to replace album art with a different version, simply follow the same steps for adding album art. Instead of dragging the artwork onto a blank artwork icon, you will simply drag it onto the existing artwork in the window launched by selecting “Get Info”.

If you purchased a bundled collection of an artist’s work on iTunes, it will have one piece of artwork for the entire collection. You may wish to have the original album cover for each album in the collection. For example, I purchased “The Smiths – Complete“, which has every album, single and video put out by The Smiths. It is an exceptionally good value on iTunes. I paid less than $60 for it. Buying every individual album, single and video would have cost much more. Unfortunately, it has one piece of artwork for the entire collection. It’s easy enough to fix this.

First, you need to be in artist or album view. From here, you can open the album by clicking on it. With the album displaying its individual tracks, select all of the tracks that represent a particular album. Once the tracks are selected, right-click them and choose “Get Info” from the pop-up menu.

select multiple tracks and get info for iTunes

A dialog box will pop up asking “Are you sure you want to edit information for multiple items”. Click “Yes”. At this point, you can also assign these selected tracks a new album name. This may be a good idea, but it is not necessary. It’s up to you. Giving the tracks a new album name will have the effect of splitting them off from the collection. They will not only have a different album cover, but they will effectively be a separate album. Next, find the artwork using Google Images or your preferred search engine. Save the artwork to a folder or desktop. You can also drag and drop the image from your browser to a folder or the desktop. Finally, drag the album artwork to the album artwork field in the “get info” window and click “OK”.

add new artwork for split album in iTunes

When these changes are complete, you should see the updated artwork on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch after you sync iTunes with your device. If not, try copying the album again. You will see the new artwork when you play music over AirPlay.

Keep in mind, you will not see these changes on iTunes in the Cloud. Now that Apple TV lets you access your iTunes purchases directly, without iTunes Match, don’t expect to see changes such as splitting a collection into individual albums or adding a different album cover. iTunes in the Cloud simply lets you access music that you have purchased in the iTunes store. It will not reflect any changes you have made to album artwork or delineating anthologies.

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