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Fix iPhone WiFi

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You can also tap on Settings > WiFi to access your iPhone’s WiFi settings. This gives you more control over WiFi settings, with the ability to select different WiFi networks. Make sure your default WiFi network is selected and WiFi is switched on. A blue check mark appears next to an active WiFi connection. If WiFi is on, the switch displays a green indicator.

check iPhone WiFi settings

If you can’t see your WiFi router in the list, you might not be within range or it may be off or disabled. Refer to the Check Your Router section for more information.

Cable or DSL Modem Problems?

Sometimes you may have a WiFi connection, but you can’t access the Internet. This problem is evident if you see WiFi connectivity on the top left corner of your iPhone screen, but you can’t connect to the Internet. You can verify this by trying to open a web page in Safari. If Safari can’t connect to the Internet, but you see WiFi bars, then your cable, DSL or 4G LTE modem is probably disconnected. You may also see a message that Safari can’t connect to the server or the server is not responding. It is possible that the website you wish to visit is down. Try another website. If you still cannot connect, your Internet connection is the problem.

iPhone Safari can't connect to Internet

server can't be found

In this case, try unplugging your cable or DSL modem, then wait about a minute. Plug it in again and it should connect to the Internet. It is possible that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is having problems. You can either wait for them to fix it, or contact them to report the problem. In my experience, if my Internet connection is down, it is usually working again within an hour. I usually need to restart my modem to regain connectivity.

Internet Service Providers often give their customers a combination modem and WiFi router. If this is the case, simply restart the combination modem/router device. Make sure to wait about a minute after the device is powered off before turning it back on again.

After trying these steps, if you still cannot connect to the Internet, call your Internet service provider. They may be aware of the outage and when it will be fixed. Sometimes it is necessary to send out a service technician, especially with cable and DSL.

Forget and Re-Join the WiFi Network

WiFi is often a shared resource. When many people are using the same WiFi router, one user could change the router’s access password or other configuration options, without your knowledge. This may disable access to the WiFi router. The iPhone should automatically prompt you for a new password. Maybe it did, but you dismissed it without noticing. If you have tried everything else, forgetting and re-joining the WiFi network might work.

First, tap on Settings > WiFi. Next, tap on the information button to the right of your WiFi network.

Tap i button on iPhone WiFi settings

Next, tap on “Forget This Network”.

forget iPhone WiFi network

You will be asked to confirm this choice.

Confirm forgetting iPhone WiFi network

Forgetting This Network simply removes it as the default WiFi network. You will still see it in the list of active WiFi networks.

Now that you have removed the network as a default, you can try adding it again. Tap on the network in the list of WiFi hot spots.

Join WiFi network

Enter the password and tap Join.

Enter WiFi password

If the password is not accepted, this explains why your WiFi no longer works.

incorrect WiFi password

You need to get the new password from your administrator or member of your household. You can also try resetting the router and creating a new password. Consult your WiFi router’s documentation for the reset procedure. (continue…)

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