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Turn Off Other WiFi Devices

Most households are full of WiFi capable devices. These devices may be using WiFi even when you’re not using them. iPhones and iPads will sometimes download updates when the are idle. I’ve seen the “An error occurred downloading this content” message pop up several times in an evening, only to find out that my iPhone was downloading an iOS update. If you own a MacBook, the Power Nap feature will engage in network activity, even when your computer is in sleep mode.

You can turn off WiFi on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch by swiping one figure up from the bottom of any screen (even the lock screen) to reveal Control Center. Next, tap the WiFi icon. It will appear translucent when WiFi is off, and solid white when WiFi is on.

If you have a Mac, you can turn off WiFi by clicking on the WiFi icon on the top menu bar. Click on “Turn Wi-Fi Off” to temporarily disable the feature. Since Macs shut down and boot up very fast, it may be best to just turn off your Mac. Click on the Apple icon on the top left of the screen and then click “Shut Down…”

Turn Off Send Data to Apple

By default, Apple TV is sending quality assurance information back to Apple. Although your privacy is not compromised, your network bandwidth is. I turned this feature off once I got my Apple TV. I read about people having buffering problems due to this feature. The observer interferes with the observed. You can turn off Send Data to Apple by going to Settings > General > Send Data to Apple.

Check If the Apple TV Channel Provider is Having Problems

If you have eliminated all other possibilities, the Apple TV channel provider could be having problems. Apple TV channels like Netflix, Hulu and HBO NOW aren’t perfect. Sometimes these content providers have problems in the data center. There are some online resources that provide information about online outages.

Apple offers a system status web page, displaying the availability of every service. If you are experiencing difficulties with iTunes content on your Apple TV, make sure to check this page. “Is it Down Right Now?” provides the status of nearly every website. Even though you are watching video on Apple TV, the underlying streaming services are the same for all clients, be it a browser or TV set-top box. If HBO GO is displaying “An error occurred loading this content”, you can check the status on “Is it Down Right Now”. Although the status may refer to a webpage URL, you can read the comments to find if others are experiencing problems. If the site reveals HBO GO is down, you just have to wait it out or find something else to watch.

Twitter is another resource for discovering the status of content providers’ services. You can follow Netflix, Hulu, HBO and other content providers. Keep in mind, they sometimes aren’t too forthcoming with data center problems. It damages their brands. You are more likely to see Twitter users posting messages about streaming problems. That’s usually enough information to conclude that the content provider is experiencing problems. (continue…)

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