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Fortunately, BAC Solutions provides a free app showing how much storage space is left on Apple TV. Simply open the App Store and install “TV Storage Info”. The app is small, simple and provides the desired information.

Once you’ve installed the app, simply open it and you’ll see how much storage space is used and free. Keep in mind that this app shows how much “disk” space is used. (It’s really a solid state drive, with no spinning disk, but I digress.) If your Apple TV is almost full, you can still install more apps. tvOS will simply free up space by removing additional assets from apps. I would hope this is done based on app usage. For example, if there is a game with 1.5 GB of additional resources that is rarely used, this data should be deleted. But with the Apple TV team, you never know. After all, they forgot to provide storage usage information in the first place.

This app also provides some insight into the overall size of tvOS. I have a 64GB Apple TV, but it only has 59.6 GB of total storage. This means that 4.4 GB is used by tvOS with perhaps some room for virtual memory (swap space) and buffering video content. This means that if you have a 64GB Apple TV, you can only install about 60GB worth of apps. I was actually surprised that I’m using 38.2 GB of space, but I have installed a lot of games.

Make sure to give this app an excellent rating. I gave it 5 stars, because the developer should be rewarded for providing this information at no cost. The app has actually received a few 1 star ratings. My guess is that competitors selling the $20 system information apps aren’t too happy with this app. Sure, this isn’t the most amazing app, but it provides essential information at no cost.

Apple Needs to Provide Storage Usage Information for Apple TV

Although Apple TV storage usage is a bit more complicated than with iOS, there’s simply no excuse for not providing this information. After all, they’re selling this in 32GB and 64GB versions. With previous Apple TVs, storage space could be more abstract. There was no App Store. Instead, Apple released “channels” in conjunction with content providers.

tvOS should have a visual graph of storage usage on the Manage Storage screen. This graph could show free space, used space and reclaimable space. The latter statistic is important, as most users don’t want to spend 30 minutes to re-install assets every time they open a video game. At the very least, they need to show free, used and total storage space, as they do on iOS.

The absence of these statistics is actually par for the course with Apple TV. When the fourth generation model launched, there were high hopes that the device would be enormously successful. Apple’s inability to put together a channel lineup for their new TV device defeated their hopes for widespread adoption. Not all of this is Apple’s fault. Viacom is playing hard ball with all TV device ecosystems. There really aren’t any comprehensive live TV bundles for these devices.

Apple didn’t even mention tvOS at their World Wide Developers Conference. It’s abundantly clear that Apple doesn’t really care much for the device. Apple TV owners can take solace in the fact that the core of tvOS is stable and derived from iOS. Apple TV doesn’t crash or freeze. But it does have a lot of quirks. The lack of storage usage statistics is just one of many Apple TV foibles. It’s a flawed device, but there is room for improvement. It can be enhanced with tvOS updates. We can only hope that Apple finally takes this device seriously and shapes up the tvOS team.

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11 thoughts on “Check How Much Storage Space Is Left on Apple TV

  1. I checked the App Store and this app isn’t free anymore. It costs 99 cents now.

    By the way, this is a great idea for an article. When I searched, this site is like the only one writing about this issue. Even the Apple support site doesn’t have a solution.

    • Thanks for the info. I don’t have the opportunity to scour the tvOS App Store every day to update this one article. I have about a thousand pages to maintain, in addition to new content to write. I rely on readers like you to inform me of errata.

      Appledystopia is the only site that has written about this issue because I use Apple TV every day. I have used Apple TV for over 6 years, every day. I don’t have a cable box. When I review and evaluate a product, I actually use it for a long time.

      I didn’t take a free Apple TV from Apple and have no relationship with the company, other than being a customer. This allows me to communicate freely about the product, and what a PoS it is. I mean, what other operating system has no way to check storage space? Oops! Their team missed this over 4 major tvOS releases, from 9.0 to 12.0. They opened the door to companies that charge as much as $20 for apps that provide storage space data. 99 cents is not bad, considering the massive rip-offs I have seen around this issue. Shame on Apple for not putting this in the OS. Even more shameful, they allow vultures to prey on their customers in the App Store. How does a $20 app to check Apple TV storage space even get approved?

      Since Apple TV is not a widely adopted product (unlike the iPhone), most of the big tech sites don’t want to write about it. It’s not worth their effort. They write about the iPhone, mainly, as such articles will maximize profits. As an independent publisher, I can afford to cater to the Apple TV user base. I don’t have to pay for executives who do nothing but golf and say a few clever words in a meeting. I worked in the corporate world for about 20 years before I got fed up. I know, for a fact, that most of the people at the top do absolutely nothing, and someone has to pay for that. That’s why the big tech sites, owned by CBS Interactive or whatever company, don’t write much about Apple TV. It doesn’t put jet fuel in the Gulf Stream V. For me, it puts food on the table and that’s all I need.

  2. I am happy to see this page with good info about the Apple TV. Not afraid to be critical of Apple and not crammed with ads. Very good!

    Not so good that Apple doesn’t have something so simple in the os.

    Appreciate the honesty and streamlined pages. Those big tech sites burn through a lot of cellular GB. Not much to offer either.

    • Thanks for your feedback. I am an independent publisher. I don’t do payola or sponsored content. I haven’t taken a single freebie or dime from a tech company. I don’t plan on doing this. I don’t have paunchy executives to feed, so I can afford to be honest, unlike the big, establishment tech sites. This allows me to be honest about Apple and other companies.

      I’ve spent countless hours fiddling with my CMS to get fast page loads. When I first started in this business, I fell into the trap of using too many plugins and cramming the pages with irrelevant content. This is neither good for me or my readers. The big tech sites can get away with it because their massive collections of content ensure that they rank well, regardless of page speed. Their business model hinges on getting the most out of the least amount of content.

      I agree, it is embarrassingly bad to launch 4 major versions of tvOS without fixing this. For their own benefit, storage space information could tempt some Apple TV owners to upgrade to a higher capacity model. Apple just shoots themselves in the foot with this one. I don’t know if I will buy another Apple TV in the future. It’s been a long journey filled with hopelessly bad defects that rarely get fixed. If they fix them, they re-introduce the same bug later. Regressive bugs are a sign of poor engineering process. They have broken and fixed AirPlay so many times, it’s not even funny!

      At this point, I can’t recommend buying an Apple TV. If you watch a lot of TV, stick with your cable box. Maybe consider a Chromecast, as it is inexpensive and can do the essentials.

      I guess you already bought one. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. You’re probably better off just keeping it. Apple TV is so bad that there’s a glut of used units. People buy them, try them and sell them, because it’s a bad product, unworthy of the Apple logo. Just look at it as a lesson. Not everything coming out of Cupertino is worthy of the Apple logo, but they’ll put it on there anyway. If anything Apple TV dissolves brand loyalty. They should kill off the product and focus their efforts elsewhere. I’ll find something else to write about…

  3. I really like this site. I’ve found so much useful information in such a short time. I’m sharing this with all of my friends!

    • Glad you like it. You can use the navigation menu to browse top-level categories. There’s also a sitemap if you wish to see all that this site offers.

      The best way to search this, or any site, is by using Google. Simply type in “site:” and then your search criteria. Google will restrict the search just to this site.

      Thanks for sharing this with your friends!

  4. I love this site. The content is clear and concise. Not too many ads, like so many other sites.

    FYI, there is a free app called Disc Space that shows how much space an Apple TV has.

    • Thanks. Glad you like the site. Other sites need to cram ads onto their pages, because they have to hoard money for their executives — expense accounts, trips, bonuses and harassment lawsuits. For an independent publisher like myself, such practices are counterproductive.

      Thanks for the information about the Disc Space app. I will update the article soon. There are higher priorities, as the new iPhones and operating systems are out. I need to do updates and write new content. I’ll update the article as soon as I can!

    • I was informed of a free app in the tvOS App Store that displays available storage space. It’s called Disc Space. (Apple TV has a solid state drive, and no disc, but it reports on used and available storage space.) It does what it says, for free. It can’t be more than 100 lines of code. It should be free.

      True, not a big deal. I think the bigger deal is the sad truth that, after 4 major versions of tvOS, Apple has still neglected to add this feature. It’s a basic part of any operating system. It goes to show that Apple doesn’t really care about Apple TV.

      By doing this, Apple left the door open for unscrupulous developers to charge for something that should be free and available in tvOS Settings. As I mentioned, there are apps that cost as much as $20 to display this information. What a mess! Looks like there are some pests in the “walled garden”.

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